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#StandWithRebelAlliance! The Rand - Ted - Mike Alliance, that is! Fiery Speech by Rand @ TC Filibuster!

Commendable 21hr+ liquid capacitance aside, Cruz was even keel, but Rand? Fiery, just like his father. But also, you can see the HUNGER! This, I'd submit, is how you argue a case:

Senate Floor: Sen.Paul joins Sen. Cruz on Defunding Obamacare part 2- September 25, 2013

Published on Sep 25, 2013

** Pardon y'all, if repeat post. But, I just got through watching it.

To get off on the now all too familiar tangent of 'performance'-theatrics unfortunately so prevalent in modern politics, regardless, I must say, listening to Cruz, then Rand speak?

While I can sense the resolve in Ted's voice, but I can FEEL the passion & a sense of mission in Rand's voice! He's got something burnin' in there that you cannot buy, nor plan. Call it the "It factor." Ron's boy's got it in spades.

Some asked why Rand didn't initiate this particular filibuster? Well, he indeed picked his battles: at the courts, this time, as he explains in his speech.

2016 is lookin' good...provided the currency collapse or Syria, Iran, Russia, and China don't happen, prior to that. LOL...er.. .o/

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I'm really starting to appreciate how these boys...

I'm really starting to appreciate how these boys work the floor, They set each other up by asking each other critical questions that "Appear" to be from an opposing view. The set up works fantastic and is a joy to watch happen. Thank you for this post!

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

bump for agreeement! Thanks for being a voice of reason on this!

(There's too much bashing of Rand on this: I don't think he would have been physically able to keep this much passion for that long.)

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