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Paul warns son: You could get elected

Former Rep. Ron Paul has some advice for his son, Sen. Rand Paul, if he decides to run for president: Be careful.

But it might not be why you’d think.

“I would say be very cautious, you could get elected,” the elder Paul, a Texas Republican, joked on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night.

Paul told an incredulous Leno he and his son haven’t discussed whether the Kentucky senator will run in 2016, and he said his son’s Senate campaign was itself a surprise. Paul said he didn’t expect his son to do well in that race, but he did thanks to grassroots tea party support.

But the proud father didn’t seem to have doubts now. Leno asked him who he thinks will get the Republican nomination in 2016.

“Probably somebody who lives in Texas — I mean used to live in Texas, lives in Kentucky now. He’ll probably end up getting it,” Paul said.

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