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White House To Announce $300M In Aid Friday To Make Detroit Safer, Erase Blight

White House To Announce $300M In Aid Friday To Make Detroit Safer, Erase Blight

By Todd Spangler
Detroit Free Press Washington Staff

WASHINGTON — Nearly $300 million in aid for Detroit — from federal and state coffers, private businesses and charitable foundations — will be announced Friday as Obama administration officials visit the city to discuss what can be done to help eradicate blight, improve transportation, encourage new business and make residents safer.

The funding will include $150 million in blight eradication and community redevelopment, including $65 million in Community Development Block Grant funding — which had already been awarded over two years but could not be accessed by the city. An additional $25 million could help hire as many as 150 firefighters in the city.

Read more: http://www.freep.com/article/20130926/NEWS01/309260199/white...

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Cyril's picture

Records are meant to be broken, folks !

Records are meant to be broken, folks !

You've got to admire the fund "management" skills of our dear Democrats for tax payer money !

Notable bankruptcies, chapter 9 :


Wunderbar History !

$300M, that's just to make it till Halloween for Detroit, right?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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I love Brush Park, and

(I meant to post this under Mark Twain's post)

I love Brush Park, and Detroit. :)

I love sitting outside a ruin and imagining a backwards time lapse or time and memories gone by. It reminds me of the 17th and 18th century painters of classical ruins and be the little person lost in the landscape of a Coccorante.

Brush Park today is where Tiger fans park for free if they get to games early enough. Mixed in are some modern condos with walking access to downtown. It is wild to think that it was once a neighborhood of mansions belonging to millionaires, then a housing project and now mostly broken buildings and tall grass. While tailgating I stumbled into an old garage, 100 years old with the pit to get under the vehicle unfilled. I could just imagine the old cars rolling down the alley into the garage, the smell of oil and all the tools on the walls. Although miles away I also live on Brush street and enjoy the connection.

$300 Million Super Lottery: Congratulations Detroit. You won.

Detroit residents win super lottery, September 2013.
Imagine how you, the last surviving residents of Detroit could spend your super $300 million lottery winnings! It is all yours. We the People each pitched in $1 to buy your city blight & other worthless rubbish.

Subject to terms & conditions. Grand prize is $150 million in blight eradication. Odds of winning this prize are 1 : 701,475. Average prize is more than $300. See your US Federal government for details on how to redeem your cash & prizes.
William Livingstone Mansion in Detroit’s Brush Park, May 9, 2007.

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SteveMT's picture

$300M of our $ gifted to Detroit, only $18.2B to go!

Detroit's debt is $18.5B. Ugh! That's a lot to swallow all at once, so they're going to give us a series of forced feedings no doubt.

Government rushes in to stop

Government rushes in to stop the anarcho-revival of productive citizens remaining in Detroit. Can't have any recovery going on without a government stamp. Much less, showing people that govt isn't necessary to recover.

Southern Agrarian

SteveMT's picture

Did $67M of this come from the IRS slush fund $ disappearance?

Yup, IMO. Detroit becomes another TBTF by another unilateral decision by king Obama, so we get to be placed on the hook for that once great city.


*more chortling*

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