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The ACA will benefit the Large Corporations; Small businesses will die


Small businesses will be wiped out, as many that just breach the 50 employee threshold will be ham stringed on expanding. This reduces competition to the mega corporations who have lobbying power, large payrolls to absorb the ACA, and large tax breaks.

I stumbled on this article and though it is about homeless people, a sentence caught my eye:

"The ACA will prevent homelessness by making private insurance more affordable and preventing personal bankruptcies due to medical debt, and help end homelessness by expanding Medicaid so we can better stabilize health conditions, which is very exciting," according to Barbara DiPietro, Director of Policy...

... "There are homeless people who want to get back in the labor force, but need a knee or shoulder surgery to be able to work all day, " says Mollie Sullivan, Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts and the Chair of the National HCH Council's Clinicians' Network.

What is the goal of the ACA? To make healthcare affordable? To get more people working to pad our 'employment' numbers? To win that labor war with China? What if you don't want to be a part of that? Sure, being able to provide a job for your family is a great experience, but what if you don't want to participate in our corporate industrial society? Will you be hunted down?

Remember, the reasoning that is made public for any law is rarely the ultimate goal of that legislation.

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another step toward fascism

This was always the plan... Remember the game is always structured to demonize socialism and communism in order to get everyone on-board with fascism.

We don't trust the government, so we'll instead trust the corrupt corporations which own the government... Privatization of government programs/benefits/institutions.

This is how the fake left-vs-right game plays out time and time again on every single issue.

Private prisons, private law-enforcement, private healthcare, private food production/regulation, private energy supply, private water, private banks, private insurance... private armies.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

I read somewhere that you can't have large corporations

without large government to support them. Like you mentioned, the mega corporations, in order to exist need special privileges from government. Large corporations are like the dinosaurs, huge lumbering beasts requiring a large caloric intake to exist. Smaller companies, like the mammals, are more nimble and almost always are more competitive. The alliance of big government and mega corporations is the foundation for the crony capitalism Ron Paul had the political courage to point out.

many that just breach the 50

many that just breach the 50 employee threshold will be ham stringed on expanding.

My mind jumps to the evasive maneuver of just setting up multiple corporations or small businesses to navigate around the 50.