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You Can't Make This Up! MSDNC literally 'married to' the WH! Well... at least One of their Propagandists: Alex Wagner

Aww...'love' between two propagandist whores! Yay! Bow down to your betters Peons! State functionaries are about to get hitched! Yay!

Nope, no conflict of interest there...

MSNBC's Alex Wagner engaged to White House's Sam Kass

9/27/13 12:00 PM EDT

The GIFs are true - MSNBC's Alex Wagner is engaged to the Executive Director of Let’s Move! and former White House Chef Sam Kass, sources familiar with the engagement confirm.

The couple was outed in August by the Washington Post and Wagner's been spotted sporting the bling this week on her show.

We won't call this a conflict of interest because who doesn't love a man who can cook, and really, the White House Chef and Let's Move! role is arguably rather apolitical. Many a White House chef has served multiple administrations from either side of the spectrum.

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"The conflict depends upon what you're interested in."