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Pro-Clinton Super PAC Creators Have Dubious Pasts

Simon Sioni, a 29-year-old developmentally disabled man from Encino, Calif., dreamed of working for a restaurant, even taking cooking classes.

He never envisioned that his ill-fated quest for employment would help shine light on the hidden side of a new Hillary Clinton-themed super PAC.

When Sioni, then 27, saw an online advertisement from John A. Gibson Jr. seeking a partner for a nascent food truck business, he jumped at the opportunity. The two men met. Gibson explained he’d be the boss but would split the earnings.

Sioni ultimately handed Gibson a $10,000 check to seal the deal.
The same day Sioni gave Gibson the check, he told his mother, who is also his legal guardian. Janet Sioni says she set up a meeting with Gibson at a local Starbucks to explain that the partnership wouldn’t work because of her son’s disabilities. Gibson promised to refund the Sionis’ money — but the cash never came.

So the Sionis went to the California Superior Court in April 2012 and demanded redress. A judge agreed. But Gibson hasn’t returned a cent, and Janet Sioni continues to lament the man whom she considers a “con artist” who took advantage on her son.

“This guy took his $10,000 from him and vanished,” Mike Pirouzian, the private investigator who the court assigned to enforce its judgment against Gibson, told the Center for Public Integrity.
Vanished, that is, until late August.

That’s when Gibson resurfaced as a player behind a super PAC called Time for Hillary.


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