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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is no friend of Liberty yet advertises on the Daily Paul?!

Attention friends on the Daily Paul,

While enjoying my daily dose of Liberty on the Daily Paul this morning, I was somewhat stunned to see an advertisement for Rick Snyder appear on one of the pages.

For those who don't know, Rick Snyder is the current Michigan governor. He claims to be a Republican, but like so many others with (R) next to their name, his actions fall far short of expectations when compared to true conservative positions. For example, this is the same governor who backs socialized health care for the masses through medicaid expansion, understanding full well this is a necessary step for Obamacare implementation. He does this instead of championing free market solutions to health care.

If you see this ad, feel free to click on it (it will help Michael Nystrom collect revenue from this ad) but at the same time, here's my input.

Snyder is a big government guy, and to my knowledge he has never been a friend to Liberty or liberty positions. It is a transparent joke that he would even think about advertising on the Daily Paul.

Some may argue that hey, he is better than having a (D) in office. I say, it is better to have a friend of liberty in office than a big government supporter with either D or R next to their names.

I am a GOP precinct delegate, and I would never vote for him, and in fact would actively encourage and support a primary challenger against him.

Just wanted to draw this to the attention of my friends here at the DP.

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He is buying an ad network of websites

He is not buying ads on the Dailypaul per se. He is buying an ad network through Google.

The Red Coats are coming!

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Ah thanks for the info

Ok understood. Thanks for the info.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Looks like he is trolling for e-mail addresses to get donations

Being a Michigan resident, I should know more than I do about Gov Snyder. I know he managed to change the state right to work laws, so now Michigan is RTW state, that, I would assume is a pro liberty stance. He is also not challenging the ACA, like other states are, and should do. On the emergency manager initiative, I'm not sure he was given any real options. Detroit has had such corruption, most of the Mayors go to jail and the ones who don't probably should.

As a precinct delegate you are more informed than I, what are the anti liberty positions regarding Rick Snyder?

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here is something

for you to gnaw on
we fought this when granholm was still in office
thought we had it stopped,you see,the gov (rented) sold
part of mich to canada for the building of this bridge
Now a man named Moroun,the same who built the other bridge,with his own
people and tools,wanted to build the new one,this would have created jobs
which would have been good for mich,but now,all everyone gets to pay this debt
a deal was struck to use fed funds(which needs to be paid back)
and canadian funds
here is an article


sink your teeth into this


he even snickered about having to finish what the last gov couldn't get done... I take this whole deal very personal

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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Fiscally liberal, socially conservative

I consider myself, and the vast bulk of the Liberty movement, to be fiscally conservative but socially tolerant.

Snyder is pretty much the exact opposite. He is Fiscally liberal - in the sense that he is ok with big government as long as it's his version of big government, while he is also socially conservative.

For example, he is anti-marriage equality, very much a socially conservative position.

He is also pro-big government health care, so much so he actually rented out billboards against Republican state senators who voted against medicaid expansion (a prerequisite for Obamacare). Think about that - a (R) governor, renting billboards in (R) senator districts blasting the (R) senator if the (R) senator voted against medicaid expansion because it ushers Obamacare into our state.

Yes he signed RTW - but said many times "it was not his issue" and it just fell into his lap. He did not actually fight for it at all.

Yes he got business taxes decreased, but at the expense of increased personal income tax (very anti-Liberty).

He comes from a big business background and much of what he does smacks of big government/big business cronyism - something I have a strong personal stand against.

From a Liberty perspective, I think Michigan could do much better than Snyder.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

obama is giving detroit $300m apparently

if snyder was pro-liberty i think he shud have refused that to help speed along the detroit govt's bankruptcy