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Best of luck to ya all!

I certainly don´t know what is coming, but it feels like something big is on our way in terms of life changing moments.

Economy is certainly going to change, socially I think it will change as well, culturally I fear our way will be no more....

Militarily, well it seems your military is provoking the east all the time,,what will Russia and china do ? I don´t know...

I just feel some bad disaster are planned for us, and whatever it is, it´s not good. It seems the worst is planned for the USA. This saddens me.

So I just wanna say to all you good people out there, good luck and may god be with you. I am not American and I don´t know if there is a god, but I certainly am with you and I do support you, good people.

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You Are So Correct!

All you can do is get prepared:
1. Financial:
a. Buy precious metals.
b. Diversify investments in inflation-proof choices.
c. Buy & store essential items - toilet paper, batteries, etc.
2. Food:
a. Store non-perishables.
b. Grow others.
c. Secure secondary water source.
d. Install water purification.
3. Self-Defense:
a. Buy, store and practice with firearms, ammo & misc weapons.
b. Learn and practice simple and effective martial art.
c. Secure home and property or prepare to bug-out.
4. First Aid:
a. Store needed supplements and medicines.
b. Learn simple first aid.
c. Buy and store first aid kits.
5. Energy:
a. Implement alternative power for home
b. Safely store fuel

It's going to be

GLOBAL so you are not exempt if you are not an American. And yes there is a God in which you never had contact with. How do you know I am real? You never had contact with me either.
Anyway, what's coming down is that the rich get richer and we get the shaft. This has been planned long ago. When they get our guns the Sh*t will hit the fan.

Keepin' it real.


YOUR MILITARY IS PROVOKING THE EAST ALL THE TIME? Where are you from? M72MC? CANADA?, NEW ZEALAND?,SOUTH AMERICA SOME WHERE? First off, We the military PROVOKE nothing,the Tyrannical powers that rule over most of the Free World, are the ones with there hands on the chess pieces, WHY? because apathy rules,it's the CIVILIANS DUTY to stand against TYRANNY! YOU LET THEM BECOME EMPOWERED!The American serviceman is awake.You have no idea whats going on.When the sh#t hits the fan, m72mc, it will be the American serviceman,Veterans, Oath Keepers,and true civilian PATRIOTS,that will bleed and die to restore this REPUBLIC! AS FAR AS IF THERE'S A GOD OR NAUGHT? I have heard many cry out for GOD in there last moments,CHRISTIAN,MUSSLAM,ATHIEST,...you name it.Seems always the last words are OH GOD,DEAR GOD,OH MY GOD!and GOD HELP ME! Why is thatm72mc? Could it be instilled,by he that created them? If you do support "US" good people,m72mc do "US" good people "the AMERICAN SERVICEMAN" a little favor...mind your tong.


Oh yeah

Oh yeah there is most certainly a God! And may he bless you and everyone else

And, to you



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I have been feeling the same way.

Either something BIG will happen before Thanksgiving or the gubbermint will "up" the prozac level in our drinking water.

I do have an uneasy felling.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Oh no

The elitist banksters (Obama's handlers) have no time table. They are patient. Think Katrina only on a Global scale.

Keepin' it real.


good luck to you too!

we are all one!

Daily Paul has an international presence, and

I am always blessed to know that those who understand Liberty throughout the world are watching the U.S. and hoping that we will recognize the train wreck coming our way and stop it in time.
Blessings to you and your family, Mike.

Occasionally I promote my blog...


which has stats on who is clicking and from where.

The last time I got visitors from Argentina, Canada, Greece, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, and the Russian Federation. All click-throughs from Daily Paul.

These people are offshore!


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

there are Aliens among us?

does that mean to bring out the good China and silverware?

OMG! where do I hide this?

I love

To play the riffs in this song on the piano. Love it!

Keepin' it real.



I hate to break it to you.

You expect some "event" to occur but it wont. Some of us have been expecting it for years. I for one have been expecting an "event" for 13 years now.

From Waco to 9/ll, from the PATRIOT Act to Obamacare, from Shock and Awe to Drone warfare, we have had plenty of events but Americans and the rest of the world just let it happen so what do we need another event for?

ecorob's picture

You make a very valid point.

I still think (hope) there is a tipping point.

Your boiling frog analogy scares me (because it could be true).

I think its a now or never scenario. The rLOVEution grows daily; exponentially.

We'll see...

Take care, my friend.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Speak for yourself

Faced with bankruptcy, starvation and enslavement, these bureaucratic tyrants and their armed goons can kiss my a**.

Apologies for the language since up until 10/1 I could practically survive, but I am very upset when thinking of the injustice of these laws while doing my best in principle to defeat them


I am

And nothing I said is untrue. Although I should have said "what do THEY need another event for?"

Just for the record they can kiss mine too.

Contested points

1) "You expect some "event" to occur but it wont"

The on-set/'event' of ACA and multi-hundred-dollar mandates has personally broached my financial solvency, as I expect for many others. I refuse to participate in its unethical tax-subsidies, or be subjugated under the welfare state as well

2) "we have had plenty of events but Americans and the rest of the world just let it happen"

Sorry, but I am committed (coincidentally as an American) to defying oppression in the face of my own extinction

Again I simpathize with what you say but,

It is a truth that after all the "events" that have occurred via our tyrannical government nothing has been done by the American people to stop any of it. We are suffering from acute "eventitus". The slow destruction of our livelihood and liberties by event after event and there has been no significant rebellion against it.

You sound as though you believe that ACA will prove to be the "straw that breaks the camels back" and I hope you are right. Like I said they can kiss my arss too. I do not carry insurance and I will not comply with their unconstitutional legislation.

You and I may resist but I wont hold my breath for the majority of my fellow Americans to do the same. But I do hope.


1) "It is a truth that after all the "events" that have occurred via our tyrannical government nothing has been done by the American people to stop any of it"

Partial disagreement: plenty has been done in a civil manner of protestation (Oath Keepers, RP 2008/2012, Prison Planet TV etc), while you are correct in that the situation fortunately has not entered a militancy phase. Sadly, I do not see how it can continue without an out-break of hostilities under ACA's strangulating conditions; apologies also per any word confusion

2) "You and I may resist but I wont hold my breath for the majority of my fellow Americans to do the same. But I do hope"

Fortunately I do believe that only a handful of individuals are needed for political leadership, and my faith in the human spirit remains steadfast.

Good luck to you

We Are True Americans

We are true Americans by blood, sweat, and tears. I'm not tearing up my passport and moving to an island somewhere. I am standing in the lands that our forefathers risked everything to fight against tyranny and bring us freedom. To fight against oppression. Like the greats of history like William Wallace it takes men with intestinal fortitude and courage to defy an empire and fight for what is righteous even if it will costs us our life. The problems coming to America are quickly brewing and we need to prepare. Prepare for the safety and well being of your family and prepare for the offensive against those that wish to oppress the American people by declaring martial law after a false flag the globalist have staged against us is in place. I was in the Marines with 2 tours in Afghanistan where the lie was exposed to me I came back knowing the enemies are in Washington. I've been harassed by the police in 5 different states and I see their attitudes towards the population and it makes me sick. We are the true Americans those veterans and brave men that are willing to once again stand against tyranny. We will not run. We will not surrender. All we need is to stand up and have the will to fight and we will win regardless of our enemies weapons. We will fight the new world order in this life and in the next for we are true human beings fighting for what is right. This is the new age they keep mentioning we are going into and we will see what side will win. Darkness or truth. Keep winning the information war but understand that what is coming is inevitable.


I stand with my other brothers in arms-

Give me liberty or give me death

We beat the global Cap and

We beat the global Cap and Trade Carbon Dioxide Tax.

We beat the gun grab agenda.

We beat WW3 Syria/Iran Project for the New American Century plan.

I think we're doing pretty good so far. No doubt our owners are pissed off at us.

Thanks, m72.

it is my considered and well-researched opinion that you are correct in your assessments, except for your statement that the United States is simply provoking 'the east'.
NO, we are pissing EVERYONE off, ally or enemy...
The E.U. is highly pissed about Ed Snowden's revelations (which should have been as clear as water). Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Grenada, Syria, Vietnam, Cuba, Libya, most of South America, and now Russia and China...the list is almost endless; those nations with grievences against the corporatocracy that IS the 'Federal Government'; the REAL definition of 'FASCISM', as defined by the premier fascist Mussolini...the perfect merger of Corporations and the State...conquer or die...

I predict an 85% loss of the population in the former republic; the 'beacon of hope'. The population is almost totally apathetic, now.

Good luck in the next wave of tyranny that will assuredly ensue after our demise. Sometimes, death is a mercy...


Live your life

Enjoy each moment
Realize your mortality
Do not become petrified with what ifs
Take necessary precautions but don't miss out on the essence.

We will be fine.

Change will come its all in how you choose to manage it.

Exciting times!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


Smoke some dope.
Do Acid.
Get all emotional.
Embrace the light.
Look, mommy! The sun just came up!
Don't be silly, child! It's almost midnight!
No, mommy, LOOK!
(The shock wave overcomes the house at supersonic speed, blowing the roof and most of the second story away, and the heat wave follows, instantly incinerating the entire contents, including the people inside. All their vain ideas are gone in the blink of an eye.)



Actually, the heat wave would hit first. After, the shock wave would hit. Speed of light > Speed of sound.
Still, deliciously morbid.

ConstitutionHugger's picture

This country is like a slow train wreck

some people have been watching it for decades. And while it's hard to turn away, it is sometimes so painful to see. When will the slow motion stop and the reality kick in?

Don't worry.

We are going to win.

How's the girk? Chatted up her kort lately?