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Any updates on how the caucus' went today?

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Hawai'i Republican Party Caucus January 25 - February 7, 2008.

When do Precinct Caucus Meetings take place?

Precinct meetings for each House District MUST take place between January 25 - February 7, 2008. It is critical to attend your respective caucus meeting to ensure your chance to be elected as a delegate to the State Convention and in order to run for election as a delegate to the National Convention. Some delegate positions may be available after Precinct Caucus Meetings take place but this is not guaranteed.


I can't find much...

...but here's some information on the Hawaiian Caucus includes a 2006 Census of population, gender, race, etc...


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I found a site that said it

I found a site that said it was May 1

If you lived in Hawaii

would you be sitting in front of a PC?