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2016 GOP Presidential Poll - Can You Guess Who's Not Listed?

Townhall has a 2016 GOP presidential poll with 17 candidates plus write-in. Currently, with over 158,000 votes, write-in is in the lead.
Can you guess the last name of a prominent potential candidate that is not listed? Whether you think he is the equal of his father or not, said candidate is apparently going to get the same treatment. I wonder if it will be revealed whom all the write-in votes were for.

If you'd like to vote here's the link:


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Funny Thing Is...

Funny thing is they put a bunch of names on there so you'd think they covered all "top tier candidates", anyone who might conceivably run and/or win. Even funnier than that it is that nobody's ever heard of Susana Martinez, John Kasich, Rob Portman, John Thune, Mitch Daniels, or Bob McDonnell other than the voters in their own state.



You mean "Rand Who?"


Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
Paul Ryan
Sarah Palin
Chris Christie
Allen West
Jeb Bush
Scott Walker
Jim Demint
Rick Santorum
Bobby Jindal
Susana Martinez
John Kasich
Mitch Daniels
John Thune
Rob Portman
Bob McDonnell
Total Votes: 176967


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Felt good to write in Ron Paul again.

Please don't say that it is a wasted vote.

When did Rand Paul change his name to "Write-In"?


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Can someone post the Ohio results?

I can't open the page for the individual states. Thanks.

I voted for...

Andrew Napolitano. The candidate I think I would be most excited to organize/vote for.

The Judge is my second choice after Dr. Ron Paul.

I never give up hope.

That poll has been up for MONTHS

That's why it has so many hits.

I didn't even remember voting in it - but it had a record of my email address.

Then I recalled. And Write In (Rand Paul) ahead even back then.


Nothing like showing who should be president by not including them.

Anyone who remotely pays attention to politics

Is laughing at this. Sarah Palin? A list of B tier govenors? Everyone knows Rand will be the candidate to beat, even the MSM isnt avoidingt that conclusion as he is on the Sunday morning talk shows just about every week... As others have posted before me, ignore townhall and dont give them the traffic or your even your spam email.

There will never be a fair election!

The voting machines are too easily rigged, have been for years and will be again.

Sadly, the election is a distraction, allowing we the people to think we have a say in the process, when in reality, the SELECTION has been made beforehand. With the media and party establishments in concert, complicit in the attempt to divert attention using the opposing parties to distract us, all the while, channeling the selected person into office, there is little hope for fairness. Those who believe otherwise are again being duped, conned and manipulated into believing they have a voice. Actually, though, we have laryngitis.

Don't give them your traffic.

Don't give them your traffic. You're just encouraging them by linking their site. Boycott townhall if you feel so strongly.

This came from their site...


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I like how they ruined their own poll.

All the country except 2 states is marked black by people writing in "Ron Paul".

I think Townhall is

I think Townhall is irrelevant and will not give them a second of my time. Townhall who? Plus, in year's past, they just spammed my inbox. They are doing this on purpose.



Giving your email address to Townhall

is insane. It guarantees you a mailbox full of spam, and collecting emails may be the ONLY reason they have these polls.

SO . . .

Collect the email addresses of OTHER junk email spammers, and use THOSE addresses when you take a poll. Let the Viagra peddlers have the thrill of getting a full mailbox. Or your local political "representatives."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Not sure about that...

email is often just a convenient way of having someone's ID unique in their dBase, rather than dealing with multiple johnsmith1234 usernames. Plus, everyone has an extra mail addres just for this and the 'spammers' know it's not worth it; thing of the past, I guess.

Anyway, 'write in' could be JudgeNap too :)

Or just use

mailinator or any of the other disposable email services. Or have a gmail account you use just for junk like this.

Or in this case, just ignore townhall polls altogether because they're meaningless. You can also safely ignore any media source that thinks a townhall poll is worth citing, on the grounds of general cluelessness.

I think Michael was right, Rand was left off the poll intentionally so that people would get worked up about it and "vote" and they could harvest a bunch of email addresses. For any Rand write-ins who gave their real email address they now have a mailing list of motivated Rand supporters to sell.

BTW, re: collecting "the email addresses of OTHER junk email spammers" please don't use the email addresses that your spam appears to be coming from. The return email addresses are usually just valid addresses of people who have nothing to do with the spam.

You mean you guys don't have mail

boxes just for this type of activity?

Getting an early start...

on isolating Rand Paul. WOW.

what does everyone expect?

Rand represents the same thing the establishment hated about his father. Regardless of their differences.

All that smooshing and cuddling up to establishment freaks was a waste of time.

Fuck the system. Everyone should just call out and strike for 3 days straight. Don't pay any taxes for 3 days straight. I think people under estimate how much more they are dependent on us then we are of them. Especially now that they've depleted any savings, capital and credit. Stop buying useless unessential crap for 3 days. Use the 3 days off to pull your money out of any of the big banking institutions and go local. If you can, I know this may not be possible, but refinance any mortgages or loans with local banks. Find a local coop or farmers markets for food and then stick your middle finger up while drinking a craft beer from your local brewery. Don't forget to smoke a cuban cigar or herb of your choce off the black market at the same time. Hit these pieces of garbage where it hurts. GO LOCAL. 3 days is nothing for us. But 3 days of no money to them.....watch the already falling crumbles turn to huge chunks....

But of course that will never happen.....and I am sure I will get a whole list of BS excuses.

Heres my reply I submitted on their contact form

You guys have a poll for the 2016 Presidential GOP election. In it you have 17 candidates but not Rand Paul.

This exposes your site as disingenuine. Whether you're another cog in the establishment or just trying to gather peoples' email addresses I find it repugnant.

Take me off any and all of your lists. I will no longer be contributing to your group.

Just found this

to contact Townhall.com via email form.

Jonathan Garthwaite
General Manager, Townhall/HotAir
Twitter: @JonGarthwaite

Don't let them collect your e-mail

for there database officially.

Use this to blast them instead.


Notice they didn't exclude Ted Cruz , be careful with the wolves in sheeps clothing , I'm not sure about him yet



Justin Amash?

The Establishment™: "We have a problem."

The USA: "Damn right!"