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Is this Edward Snowden's Latest Leak or someone just using his name?

Renegade National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden has been praised as a heroic whistleblower who exposed illegal and immoral actions by the United States government.

Perhaps this was true at the beginning, such as when Snowden outlined the NSA's quasi-legal practice of scooping up telephone metadata of millions of Americans over Verizon's telecommunication lines .

But as time goes on, Snowden's leaks have increasingly related to international spying and other legitimate actions of the U.S. government, which he has neither legal nor moral justification for exposing.

Snowden's leaks include outing NSA foreign surveillance targets to the Brazilian government, the German government, the U.N., and even the Chinese government . Just this week reports came out that the NSA had targeted Indian diplomats for spying at their Embassy in D.C. and in New York City


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Duh. Snowden is NOT still Leaking

Snowden gave everything to the press at once.

They have been going through it to determine what is legitimate news, and what should be kept secret. Snowden is not still leaking anything.

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I do believe......

There are international laws that prohibit unlawful/unjustifiable spying on & especially other Governments of sovereign nations like (Brazilian government, the German government, India the U.N. even & probably many more). If by chance there are no such laws, it's at the very least morally wrong. So personally I don't think exposing these unlawful acts are any different then the original revelations. Otherwise I guess it's just fine if other nations Governments spied on all Americans is just as justifiable.

My 2 cents.