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The Anatomy of a (neo)Con

The setup:
Matt Drudge tweets that Cruz and Rand are the heart of the Republican party. Endears himself to the liberty minded movement.

Media leaks that the Republicans are sending info to the press to discredit Cruz. Setting up that Cruz is an outsider within the party.

Good cop/bad cop:
Stories of McCain's hatred of Cruz hits the press.
Cruz positioned as the outsider fighting against the old guard. Crusty, old McCain plays part of the insider. Cruz - the virtuous outsider fighting the system.

The Performance:
Cruz gives marathon talk session of Obamacare.
To provide cover that that Republicans are against Obamacare.
This is to provide cover for the Republicans to let it pass.
All lip service.
Cruz reads a piece written by Rush Limbaugh's father.

Drudge provide several days of of prominent live streaming of Ted Cruz on homepage.

Neocon talking heads and pundits provide sound bites and pieces about how amazing Ted Cruz performance is. Everyone from Coulter to Palin are swooning over Cruz.

Cruz shows up on the Rush Limbaugh show. Limbaugh doesn't have guests. Limbaugh does provide certain occasions to have on liberty-favorites like Dick Cheney .

Staged photo-op prayer session of Cruz praying outside the White House.
Reminds of you Clinton's staged photo-op at Normandy Beach.

The Switch:
Headlines emerge of Cruz as the frontrunner for the Republican Party.

Worldnet Daily has piece as Cruz the new head of the Republican party.

Polls begin to show up WITHOUT Ron or Rand Paul.

...are you seeing the con yet???????

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First of All, Rand has been on the Limbaugh show

Secondly, Cruz did anything but "provide cover" for the GOP on Obamacare.

You post is so misleading and so false that the final twist to it should be when you are exposed as being a (neo) Con, whose purpose is to slander the guy that made the other (neo) cons look so bad this week.