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I'm confused by what Ron Paul said. Can someone explain?

Ron Paul endorsed Ted Cruz in 2012. But on Jay Leno he said he doesn't know enough about him when asked what he thought about Cruz.


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Cruz also said he campaigned

Cruz also said he campaigned with Rand and his dad during his filibuster. Ron Paul's name was thrown around a lot since 2008, not sure if anyone else noticed. Some of the "Ron Paul" candidates have voted for some ridiculous stuff.

I just lol @ endorsements, why does it even matter at this point. Politicians always say one thing and do the other, good or bad in this case.

Some choices

are easy. Who was Cruz running against? I would rather have a candidate closer to McCain win than someone closer to Obama (barely), and we all know how horrible McCain is on libertarian viewpoints. Cruz is obviously quite constitutionally conservative in many ways, although probably not enough ways when it comes to religious views. Still Cruz would be better than a LOT of other candidates. He is one of the best we have in congress right now. That doesn't mean I think he should be president though.

Also, politicians sometimes change views. Rand Paul always talks about how Senator Obama was more a constitutional champion than President Obama. You can endorse who you think will be a better fit, but it doesn't mean you really know.

Born Rafael Edward Cruz

Rafael Edward Cruz
December 22, 1970 (age 42)
Calgary, Alberta

He is not a natural born American citizen, he is not eligible.


We had

this discussion before. Do a search for the "natural born citizen" threads to find out what it really means. Cruz is eligible. That doesn't mean I think he should be president though.

He endorsed ...

Bush, Reagan, every single incumbent Texas delegation and every single uncontested Republican incumbent that requested an endorsement.

That is how the party works.

He is no longer an elected official in the party and now he can speak his mind.

That is how the game is played.

I wouldn't read too much into his comments. He simply said, "I will judge and re judge and re judge and re judge based on actions only and not rhetoric."

He will oppose and support based on a persons votes on Ron's pet issues.

Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy.

Ron Paul always relingished to the party when it came to endorsements. He never relingished when it came to policy. He drew that line.

You might draw a different line.

Walk a mile in his shoes and see where you come out.

God Bless.

He endorsed Reagan also. But ended up having

major disagreements with him.

You always have to wait and see with these idiots. Many arrive as ideologues and retire rich as "moderates" years later.

I believe Ron said

Cruz was doing a good job, but it's hard to tell only in the course of a year and we will know better over time.

A candidate does not have to be perfect for Ron Paul to endorse them, I have no idea what his criteria are, but he has endorsed lots of people. I'm assuming Dr. Paul's criteria would have to meet some basic expectations as a liberty candidate: Curtail or end the Fed, minimal foreign entanglements, get rid of as many taxes as possible, stop gov. spying, etc., etc....generally a Constitutional based candidate. Then who is the completion, well Cruz was vastly superior to the full blow NeoCon hack the establishment GOP had picked. So I'm sure various factors come in to play.

Based on his actions so far, I think Cruz is doing a good job as well, we shall see. As Reagan use to say, "Trust but Verify"

Either way you look at Cruz is still opening eyes of other GOP establishment following Sheeple to stop and think. The more people we can get to think about kicking out the establishment, the better.

why not have......

Why not have Rand, Cruz, pops ( Ron ) , and even Gary Johnson ( back to rep party ) all running and all on stage for the republican debates so the message of liberty gets more that 89 seconds of TV debate time.

Then settle on one with the full backing of the others.

Is There Any Video?

Is there any video of Ron Paul endorsing Cruz, or was it a press release by the Paul campaign (meaning Jesse Benton)?

I believe

both Ron and Rand actually attended a Cruz campaign rally and spoke if my memory serves right.

I'll Wait for Video to Emerge

Otherwise I will just assume that there was no endorsement.

Cruz in Office for Only 9 Months

Senator Ted Cruz has been in office for only 9 months. Leno was probably looking for an endorsement of Cruz as a Presidential candidate, and Cruz has a way to go before he earns that. He is doing very well, but 9 months in the Senate is pretty short for getting an endorsement for President. Too many people are looking beyond 2014, when liberty candidates must be elected to Congress. Let's put our attention on 2014 before we get too concerned about 2016.

I think he did not really

I think he did not really want to praise Cruz too much because he will be Rand's main competition in 2016.

Rand Paul & Ted Cruz Will Work It Out

I believe that both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are too intelligent to compete against one another in 2016. It would divide the liberty movement, and I don't believe either one would want to do that. There isn't enough ideological difference between them to argue much, as opposed to Hillary or Biden. At this point and in 2016, I don't believe the liberty movement will be strong enough to support two liberty front running candidates. I suspect they will decide between the two of them which one would run for President. One will bow out of the race and support the other.

Has anyone noticed the loss in attention that Marco Rubio is getting? He came in a close second after Rand Paul in the CPAC poll, but has gotten scant attention since. I am very glad for his steadfast support to defund Obamacare. However, he has betrayed the liberty movement in the past by voting for the Patriot Act and NDAA. I don't think he is trustworthy.

Regarding Ron Paul's comment about Cruz to Jay Leno, I just don't think Ron Paul put too much thought into the statement. Often times in hurried circumstances, such as a 9 minute spot on Jay Leno's show, one has to make a hurried statement without too much thought behind it.

I think there was other

I think there was other things he wanted to talk about other than Cruz.

I hope Rand and Cruz do work something out in 2016. I agree that if they both run the liberty vote will be split. It is going to hard enough to beat the bankers choice of candidates anyway.


Unless of course it is specifically Cruz' intent to act as a spoiler and he splits the vote (paving the way for Christie). In that case intelligence has nothing to do with the decision.


Politician must be vetted to the fullest extent. Just because Ron Paul endorsed him as a candidate doesn't mean he knows exactly what he's about. It's complicated yet necessary. If we were to go by Cruz's rhetoric he'd be a great candidate but that doesn't necessarily mean he is. This is a good article though and I suggest those weary of Cruz give him a chance and at least read this articles take on the matter:



I watched it once,

and as I recall, just after telling Leno that "he doesn't know enough about him", it was almost as if you [yes, you :D] popped into his head, and that's why he immediately followed with the qualification [making clear how he took the question] that Cruz had not been in office long enough for him(RP) to make a fair evaluation.