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Empire USA: Navy’s "biggest, baddest" and costliest – piece of hardware ever.

When the USS Gerald R. Ford is finally christened, the massive aircraft carrier will be the biggest and baddest piece of Pentagon hardware ever built – and, critics note, the most expensive.

The 1,106-foot ship, under construction in Newport News, Va., has seen cost overruns push its expected price tag up some 22 percent to nearly $13 billion, with new technology dictating changes since work began in 2007. Expected to be christened on Nov. 9, the ship will be able to launch 220 air attacks per day, will hold more than 4,000 sailors and Marines, has a nuclear reactor to provide energy, and even comes with stealth features to reduce the ship’s radar profile.

The Navy touts the ship, which will have runways to allow for simultaneous takeoffs and landings, as a landmark advance that “continues the aircraft carrier history of innovation and adaptability.”

..."We need to be sure we can operate without being dependent on allies.”


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The goat herders

that we'll be attacking are already quaking in their... do they have boots?

well at least it will help keep the opium trade under US control, along with help attacking nations that don't want to use our toilet paper dollars, and also enforce which oil pipelines get built...

No other country has a significant navy

No other country has a significant navy that could threaten the US.


Out of the top ten, only Russia and China aren't our allies and no one else has any naval air power. The US Navy with eleven carrier strike groups is easily several times more powerful than the rest of the world combined.

Accding to Wikipedia - North Korea has 770 total ships.

Some quite small - but strange that they aren't even mentioned.

You DO realize that China and Russia sell anti-ship missiles to

even small navies, right?

And you do realize that even if the US had 100 aircraft carriers - each one is still a metal pan floating on the water. And the missile necessary to take one out is infinitely less expensive than the aircraft carrier is....right?

Two things that are notoriously WORSE about the US military

than most people would believe.

#1. Aircraft carriers. They have never faced a REAL capable adversary since WW2. They are STILL just big metal pans floating on water - but anti-ship missiles possessed by China and Russia and others are infinitely better than they were in WW2.

#2. Anti-missile-missiles. The Patriot Missile system is WAY worse than most people think it is. We are still very, very bad at being able to shoot a missile coming in at hyper sonic speeds out of the sky. We may be able to knock out jet aircraft, assuming we have time to scramble our own. But missiles? Uh-uh.

Navy's working on lasers.

When they get them functioning properly, anti-missile missiles and the Phalanx missile defense systems will be totally obsolete. With a laser, you've got what amounts to a death ray travelling at the speed of light with no need to compensate for gravity or wind.

And then the railguns show up, causing a return of the battleships, AKA dedicated gun platform.

Lasers have to see the missile first

and if it is moving low across the ocean, good luck with that... but they have a nuclear reactor so maybe they could just keep the laser on and in all directions at all time... like a giant disco ball.

And its STILL just a metal pan floating pecariously on water.

Aircraft carriers were great technology in WW2. They just needed to be protected against torpedoes from diesel powered subs and propeller driven airplanes.

And they are still great for intimidating low level and nearly nonexistent navies, like those from Iraq, Syria, Libya and Grenada. But despite the confidence of those who promote aircraft carriers - they have never faced a first rate military, or even one with Sun Fire missiles.

Truth is, that the powerful military industrial complex doesn't care if aircraft carries are vulnerable, because should one be sunk, they will make BILLIONS of dollars on US retaliation. And none of the ranking defense elite will lose family because none of those people will have family on aircraft carriers in the event of a REAL war against a REAL adversary.

Looks like a case of the generals fighting the last war?

Or maybe just a cover for what they are really building.

That should put QE3 &4 into perspective

85 Billion a month, printed out of thin air.

Think of all the labor, technical planning and preparations, all of the chargeable hours and materials that goes into constructing one of these things at 13 Billion a pop.

and the fed is "printing" 6.5 of them a month...wow

Good point...


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

If the captain is an Oath Keeper

That baby will be ours!


In a real war isn't this just a sitting duck? The huge battle ships became obsolete because of air power, does this giant ship have the ability to effectively defend itself from multiple missile attacks? Maybe the purpose of it is to just project the illusion of power, as a form of intimidation so they won't have to really use it.

The answer is,

we don't know. Swarm missiles are a valid concern for modern technology. As far as a conventional war against a first-world nation, carriers seem to be pretty useful. Against third-worlders throwing boatloads of cheap missiles? Up for debate.

Though I would dispute your assessment of the battleships as "obsolete" by WWII standards. In WWII, carriers with a battleship escort fared significantly better against aerial attack than those without an escort.

Plus, battleships were designed to literally sail into a bunch of cannon fire, shoot everything, and sail back out.

Unlike overseas nation building and domestic health care

Maintaining national defense is actually a prescribed duty of the federal government under the Constitution.

The Navy seems to be the only service which actually takes their job seriously. While the Air Force has given us only a measly number of F-22 aircraft (good) and a fleet of murder drones for Obama's CIA, and the Army hasn't given us a damn thing but dead soldiers piled like cordwood, the Navy is giving us a stealthy aircraft carrier with electromagnetic catapults and same time launches and recoveries, plus a highly stealthy, nearly autonomous, self-landing unmanned aerial combat vehicle, and high energy weapons including super-cannons and ray guns.

I say cut the entire federal budget by 75%, and give 20% of the remaining 25% to the Navy to protect America with 5% left for all other federal spending.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

That idea's freakin' awesome.

With technology going the way it is, an effective Navy could essentially prevent attacks on the mainland by itself.

Why Another One.. The Warfare State.

I am a big believer in the large super carrier concept and I think it has served the US well the last 50 years. I just do not understand why we need another one? Are not technology advances coming so fast that the super carrier may not quite be the best use of resources as the Navy looks forward?

Did you notice the article said we have two more coming?

The Enterprise is going to be decommissioned soon and I do not know why, it seems to still be operational. Plus what about sending one of these super carriers to our allies for 1 dollar. Why should UK, France or Japan spend a bajillion Pounds and Francs on a new boat when we have extras laying around.

All this wasted money is a great example of the warfare state. Just imagine if that effort were spent on a new hospital ship or a new NASA program. Where do we get all the money to waste on this stuff? The Fed Prints it and my gas prices go up.

It all makes no sense.

CVN-65 is already decommissioned, Enterprise CVN-80 next

I hope it has frickin' laserbeams on its island. No joke. We had a Navy before we had a Constitution. Both serve us well.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Just imagine

Just imagine if we were not international bullies that butted into every other countries civil and regional wars. No we do not need it or half the military spending that washington blows annually.

We are broke - so don't imagine a medical ship or a NASA program.

Imagine a balanced budget.
Imagine slashing half the military budget
Imagine people making their own decisions.
Imagine washintong not subsidizing clean energy, etc - if it is important to you pay the price for it, otherwise shut up.

Hasn't anyone noticed that the govt that the whiners delegated all of their responsibility to has now become our master?

Disband Washington

That's actually not a bad idea.

Regarding the selling. I mean, we have more carriers than any other nation on Earth; we could sell a carrier to Japan and another to Britain and STILL have more than anyone else.

Personally, I'm still waiting for the moment when railguns and lasers bring back the battleships. >:D

Edit - I'm a supporter of railguns for a good reason; while the cannons themselves are expensive as crap (and are still experimental right now) the rounds are cheap, don't require an explosive warhead, and more railgun rounds can be carried than missiles, not to mention being specifically designed to match or even outperform expensive missiles in terms of range and accuracy.

Railguns Look Like a No Brainer

The Railguns look like a no brainer. No Need for drones, just sit back and select targets. I wonder how long before the rounds are effectively sub orbital?

So if you are China with 1.21 gigawats from the 3 rivers dam and you have your railguns pointed at the south china sea... What good are a hundred aircraft carriers going to do you sitting above water?

I wonder if they will need all the tungsten out of fort knox to make the rounds.

USS Constitution: HELP WANTED! Apply today!

Help Wanted: Apply today! Are you active duty Navy? Would you like to serve aboard Old Ironsides? We are currently looking for the following US Navy sailors to join our crew: BMC, LS1, YN1, AO2, GM2, BM3, CSSN... Ahoy! Be the best sailor you can be. Defend our Constitution!

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I love that old ship.

It warms my heart every time someone reminds me that "Old Ironsides" is still officially in service. :D I can almost smell the salt air from here in the middle of NC.

USS Constitution: Oldest, Most Majestic Ship in Any Navy!

Less than a month after the United States declared war on Great Britain, USS CONSTITUTION, under the command of Capt. Isaac Hull, was en route to New York, to join Commodore John Rodgers' squadron. Off the coast of Egg Harbor, NJ, she spent more than 50 hours outmaneuvering five English warships (HMS Aeolus, HMS Africa, HMS Belvidera, HMS GUERRIERE and HMS Shannon) in an agonizingly slow motion chase that proved her commanding officer’s leadership, her new crew’s teamwork, and her own ability to sail. In short, she demonstrated her readiness for the war and battles that lay ahead.

At about 4 p.m. on July 16, USS CONSTITUTION’s crew sighted an unknown ship to the northeast, which was joined by more ships early the next day - vessels Capt. Hulls initially believed were American. “One Frigate astern within about five or six miles, and a Line of Battle Ship, a Frigate, a Brig, and Schooner, about ten or twelve miles astern all in chase of us, with a fine breeze, and coming up very fast it being nearly calm where we were,” Hull wrote to the secretary of the Navy a few days later. “Soon after Sunrise the wind entirely left us, and the Ship would not steer…”

Greatly outnumbered and desperate outrun his British adversaries, Capt. Hull ordered the nearly 500 men under his command into action, to make the 2,200-ton ship lighter and sail faster. They discharged thousands of gallons of drinking water over the side and doused the sails with water to take full advantage of the occasional light winds. As a defensive measure, the Sailors moved long guns on the frigate’s spar and gun decks to point astern at the closing enemy vessels. Additionally, small boats were launched for a towing operation called kedging - carrying small anchors ahead of the ship to be dropped into the coastal waters, and then painstakingly using the capstan to pull the ship forward to the submerged anchors. ...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I hope it goes the way of the Titanic.

That would make my day.

Say what you will about the wars...

...but the Navy has a legitimate - and Constitutional - place in US foreign policy. That's 4,000 people you just wished death on. I can totally understand criticizing the expense, but what you just said is cold-hearted even by MY standards.

They bought their ticket.

Let em sink.


The army is going to have a bunch of cutbacks lol