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History of health care legislation book?

I've been engaged in a number of debates/discussions on the validity of state run health care recently, as has everyone else more than likely. I have made opposition points using the ideas of voluntarism and limiting the power of government with some success. I try to keep things to a rational discussion of points, facts, and history, instead of letting things get to heated emotional debates, always a challenge. When trying to relate free market economics to the discussion, I always encounter people who make the argument that the free market has failed in health care, and some have been through high prices and few options in unemployment with Cobra and other health insurance options. I am not a scholar of free market economics, but I have read Bastiat, Hazlitt, some Rothbard, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, so I can make some of the theoretical arguments. Where I run into some trouble is when trying to explain how the collusion of Insurance and Pharmaceutical corporations, along with the American Medical Association, have over time influenced legislation to work against, and at some level eliminate natural legitimate competition in the market. Can anyone suggest a book that has discussed or chronicled the legislative progression from the time when we had a free market in health care up to where we are today? In these types of discussions I find it easier to engage people when I can discuss the progression point by point, and illustrate how things came to be where we are. I have used this with some success when discussing foreign policy, starting with McKinley and the progression of modern foreign policy, as opposed to just trying to explain Republican vs Democrat, which we all know is no different. I know this isn't necessarily an Austrian Economics Forum, but Mises doesn't appear to have a real forum. Sorry, I didn't mean to take so long getting to the point, I appreciate any input the community can provide.

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"The Apothecary in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg"

'Being an Account of his medical and chirugical Services, as well as of his trade Practices as a Chymist'

Williamsburg Craft Series - 36 pages

Williamsburg - Published by Colonial Williamsburg - MCMLXX (1970)


yes and funny

.....you should mention this.

I have a booklet on 18th century medical treatments, prices, doctors, legislation in the Colonies.

Prices were regulated by law in some Colonies/States.

I have to find it and post the title.

Apothecary in 18th Century something.

I think it was published in Williamsburg PA