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Why Senate Republicans Hate Ted Cruz

There’s more than one reason they despise the junior senator from Texas.

By John Dickerson | Slate

. . . Why do Cruz’s colleagues hate him? Based on interviews with several Republican senators and the staff of several more, let me count the ways (in no particular order):

He weakened the GOP’s position in the coming budget debates: Right now Republicans should be unified in their opposition to President Obama’s budget policies. The president’s approval rating is at the low end of his tenure, and the country supports the GOP’s position on reducing spending. Why did Sen. Cruz drive this enormous wedge in the Republican Party on the eve of big and important fights with the White House?

It’s likely that no senator has created as many enemies in his party in as short a time as the junior senator from Texas.

He’s fooled the grassroots: By suggesting that Obamacare could actually be defunded through his Senate action, he confused voters by setting expectations that could never be met. Furthermore, he was an enabler to interest groups who sold that “bill of goods,” as Sen. Tom Coburn put it, so that they might raise more money from the grassroots.

Pressure: Members of Congress are getting lots of heat from their constituents to support Cruz in his effort. He will be able to cause headaches in the future based on the permanent false distrust he has created between members and their constituents.

Jealousy: In a matter of months, Cruz has built a base of support that allowed him to act as the de facto Republican leader of the Senate.


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You Cruz, you lose

Canadian Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sachs. You really don't need to know anything more to know what he's up to.

thank you for that nice little tidbit

thank you for that nice little tidbit

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus