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To The Smart People Here On The Daily Paul - I Need Your Help And Fast!

I know where I stand as far as my beliefs and how I want to live, but I still have a lot to learn concerning the inner-workings of the political process.


Ben Swann has a ticker on his front page to PA13 Democrat Allyson Schwartz's "Don’t Let PA Republicans Steal the Presidential Race: Sign the Petition" found here: http://action.allysonschwartz.com/page/s/electoral-college-g

Allyson is NOT a friend of Liberty, but as we know, some things are not left versus right. I was also in Tampa so I know what happened to us there GRRRRR!

I did some reading and found this: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/state/corbett-supp...

What do I do? Do I sign the petition, or do I ignore it?

Can you please explain why so that I fully understand, and hopefully educate others in my groups who are just as confused?

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Would Ben Swann support her position?

It's a legally valid point.

Pandas can't drive.

Just one problem - there's nothing about this on benswann.com

I think it might be a positive thing for Ben to support democrats who are doing the right thing as it would demonstrate that he isn't necessarily a right-leaning journalist, just when the right happens to be 'right'.

But there's nothing there - no keyword search turns up, no banners, nothing.

Pandas can't drive.

Yes, there is a banner.

You may have to hit refresh to see the Tom Corbett banner which is on the front page. Then you may click on it to read the petition.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Those Are Ads Unrelated To Ben

Like the DP has.

No person sees the same ads.

They vary and rotate.

Just as Ron Paul, unless I see/hear Ben say it, I don't believe it.

And, with things in writing, look for HIS name as writer. Many others are writing under HIS name and the viewpoints and quality are not comparable.

So be aware. And don't assume he agrees or endorses 'whatever it is'.

USA 2012

Thank you for explaining how that works :-)

I will follow up with my Liberty friends here in PA who may be up to speed on that petition and ask how I should proceed.

Thank you again :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This change would be a step in the right direction

It makes the process more fair. It allows the electoral votes for the state to be apportioned based on the vote in each district.

Most states right now throw all their electoral votes to one candidate (winner takes all). So for example if Able gets 45.35% of the vote and Bret gets 45.34% of the vote and the rest of the vote goes to other candidates, then Able would get all the electoral votes from that state. Even though 54.65% of the voters selected someone else and Bret had nearly as many votes.

This is why only certain states are considered battle ground states. If you can edge out your opponent in a few of the larger states (states with a lot of people, lots of electoral votes) you can over power the opponent's near 90% vote in some of the smaller states. This is also why it is possible to win the election with out capturing the most votes.

Of course neither the winner takes all nor the proposed change has anything to do with what the founding fathers had in mind when they set up the electoral college.

Their vision was that the population at large would not vote for a presidential candidate (wouldn't even know who might be available for the position). Instead the population at large would vote for people from their area that they knew and trusted. People of good moral character and with good, sound judgment. People who understood the needs the area and the culture therein. So the people would vote for their electoral college representatives by name (Joe the grocer or Jill the farmer). Then the electoral college would thoroughly vet all possible presidential candidates and they would cast the vote for president.

So the candidate with the cutest smile or best oratory performance or with a R or D after their name wouldn't get elected, but rather the candidate with the best qualifications and the best political track record would be elected.

Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!


I clicked on the wrong post...This one wasn't directed to me...

For Freedom!
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Why the urgency?

this post makes no sense

You should try reading the post and the linked info...

It's a puzzler, alright. A brain-teaser, a quandary, a conundrum, and a possible boner if there ever was one.
(update) nothing about this on benswann.com

Pandas can't drive.

I read it

still no need for any quick response.

I would think determining the electoral votes by district is a good thing.

Consider speaking to someone

in the local YAL chapter. They are educated and often ahead of the curve.

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I Can't Tell You What To Do, However....

I wouldn't hesitate to sign the petition if I felt it was worthwhile. If Ben Swann endorses it I would be OK with it.

However, I can't tell you what to do. I'm only telling you what I would do if I lived in PA.


P.S. Don't listen to the wise guy, he loves calling everyone who doesn't agree with him a Nazi..

He is the wise guy of the DP...

Democrat Neo-Nazi Party.

The progressive democrat party has become a Neo-Nazi party. They are ruling like the Nazi's did in the 30's.


Always a WiseGuy.. Of course I agree with you, but you did not answer my questions!

Come on, MikeyLikesEverything, shed some light!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

How to break the paradigm.

Perhaps we should start the Gun Toting Party.

I think Ben's reason for supporting this petition is

historic preservation. Although it seems moral and logical to break up the power of the 20-vote block in PA, the system of electorates (popularly known as the electoral college), the system has already been altered so much from the original design - separate votes for prez and vp, the system being intended to produce no clear winner thus sending the decision to the congress, etc - that preservation of the however flawed historical system would be the best call.

(As close as I can figure to what Ben's logic must be)

Pandas can't drive.

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My advice:

Don't make it so complicated.

Follow your gut. No joke.

I typically do

and it is usually right, but this is beyond my scope of knowledge.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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That's the point!

It is not beyond the scope ok knowledge of your gut.

Your gut knows, even if it can't explain it.