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The Media Really Is Prejudiced Against Certain Candidates (Harper's SLAMS Fox News)

January 2008:


The Media Really Is Prejudiced Against Certain Candidates

"But bad as that is, the most shamelessly abusive coverage is of Ron Paul. The mainstream tends to peripheralize him, suggest that he is a kook. But the idea that the media would cast a Republican who opposes war- and fearmongering as a kook says a lot about the media and little about Ron Paul. He has an enthusiastic following, and has recently outstripped his adversaries in raising money. (Funny, to the punditry that was the secret, all-important category–until Ron Paul came out on top.) And of the whole media, the worst by far is Fox News, which excluded from the Republican debate the man who finished with a strong showing in Iowa and is likely to do the same in New Hampshire. Indeed, recently Fox has been caught editing Associated Press copy to eliminate Ron Paul’s name–like a scene from one of the early chapters in Nineteen-Eighty-four in which even the memory of an enemy is made to disappear. But of course, at this point the gig is up. Fox has been revealed as an adjunct of the Rudy Giuliani campaign, not as a news organization. The most exquisite moments I spent on Tuesday night were watching the Fox menagerie cope with the slap in the face that voters delivered to them. Well done, Iowans!

Interestingly, today’s hottest YouTube consists of a band of angry young Republicans chasing Fox’s Sean Hannity out of a restaurant. The chant is “Fox News Sucks!”"


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Make em pay

Today I sent out 30 postage paid Business Replies from Newsweek, Time and US News with only RP 2008 written on them wiping out all profits from the Mags. that have been ignoring Ron Paul, lets make them pay folks when they receive bags of bills in their mail rooms, they are charged by the Postal Service for each postcard delivered to them. Lets bring the Old Media to their knees, we can do it!!!

The clip

of Hannity being chased down the street linked to in that article has been removed for terms of use violations ! YEAH RIGHT !


point the censorship out

point the censorship out where ever you go, let people know!!! Use the old media to bring itself down.

Revealing Censorship

I hope Harpers have a good circulation. I think they do as I've certainly heard of them many times.

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.