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Will Dick Cheney be Arrested in Canada on War Crime Charges?

Dick Cheney to Visit Toronto October 31, 2013

Time for the law to step in.

Join the campaign to have Dick Cheney either barred from Canada or arrested and prosecuted if he enters.


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Which do I hate more, the UN

Which do I hate more, the UN or Cheney...this is tough, lol.

Oh Canada

yea i dont think theyd ever arrest anyone or stand up to the US in a any significant way considering all the things we buy from them. also an interesting fact the only times Canada been invaded was by us.


arresting Dicky wouldn't be standing up against us

that would be helping us, the people. lol

9-27-11 Crowd calls Cheney a war criminal @ Vancouver protest

Peace activists blocked the front and back entrances to the Vancouver Club, calling for Cheney's arrest for war crimes and booing guests as they arrived at the $500-a-ticket dinner.


Citizen arrest!

But Harper and his establishment get along with the bush gang very well.

Yeah it won't happen PM

Yeah it won't happen PM Harper is a neo-con lover

Not likely

Since Canada supported both the Bush wars its hard to see how they could arrest Cheney

Not quite true

Canada did not send troops to Iraq.
But you are correct it did send troops to Afghanistan and they are still there.

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