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Can I get a show of hands from all those who are seriously considering running for congressional office sometime within the next 10 years or so? I will be.

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I have too many skeletons...

...born of government service, and in defiance thereof...

but will continue to support and lead in my own way.......

a safe house will be open to dpers.

everyone should think about it

The job was meant to be filled by common people. I wish you couldn't be a career congressman and it was more mainstream to consider a run. If anything you should try and talk good people into it and support them. We need to make politics cool again!

Interesting You Should Ask

I think many of us should. I'm mulling over doing it in four years, if we indeed still have a Congress by then.

Don't waste time with frauds Obama, McCain, Nader or Barr - join the Campaign For Liberty! http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ The Constitution is more important than voting for the evil of 4 lessers

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

does anyone think that

chuck baldwin will run for congress in 2 yrs.? imho, the best thing about RP's endorsement of his candidacy is name recognition. does anyone know if he has made any indication of being willing to serve in congress?

'Would you be free men or slaves?'
Restore the Republic.

'Would you be free men or slaves?'
Restore the Republic.

I have been seriously thinking about it as well

In Christ,

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Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17



If we still have a country, I will run in 2016 (when I turn 25).

money money/ nomination first

To be a serious candidate one would need more than I've got

You'd be amazed at what a

You'd be amazed at what a grassroots effort can do. I have no campaign funds...put the $20 I had into gas last weekend and we still did the event! Just combine efforts with liberty-minded people and give it your best shot with grassroots beside you. Most of all, believe you can make a positive difference even if you're just being heard out there.

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Don't let a lack of money

Don't let a lack of money keep you from achieving anything. Do more with less, and do it smarter. "No money" is the oldest excuse in the book for not taking responsibility.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

I will definitely run in the future

I want to be completely prepared and well read in all of my principles and have been reading up a storm to get ready.

I want to work my way up though. Does anybody know what are the different offices from smallest to executive?
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

I can see myself running

I can see myself running down the road.

Do you know someone who cares a lot about Israel? Send them this link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israel, America, and the world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com


Though I will likely run for a lower office in the meantime to help name recognition.

If you are a candidate, what do you need?

- Money?
- Website?
- Slimjims?
- Videos?
- Knowledge of the political process?

We should come up with a template for the platform. Considering the number of people that we have on this site, it should be easy to come up with some common material that any candidate can access.

It seems like a few people aren't running because they don't know where to start. The grassroots is learning as it goes and getting a lot smarter along the way. How can we exploit this knowledge?

We can easily develop website template running on a common server and a database of generic presentation material such as powerpoints and slimjims.

We have many people who have learned a great deal about the campaigning process, who should be able to help potential candidates get up and running.

We have some great graphic designers and videographers on this website. We could put together some standard graphics that require minor modification for each new candidate.

All in all, I'd be surprised if we couldn't get to a point where a new candidate only needs $10k and 80 hours of volunteer time to get all of this up and running.


Just throw "RP " in front of your name

Being in a party is really just about infrastructure. We can just throw RP Republican, RP Democrat, RP Libertarian, RP Constitutionist, or RP Green in front of the name. The message crosses all boundaries. Parties are ruining America anyways.

I think it's better to exploit their infrastructure.

Great Idea

F*** parties.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

They would

assassinate me...I'm afraid. My views on things like pharmeceuticals, fluoride, health issues, etc...not to mention agreeing with Ron Paul on just about everything...yep...I'd be a goner. lol


you know who did Jasons site ???

I'm aiming a little lower

Local committeeman..... then work my way up


I might run as a Ron Paul Democrat.

I will!

I have been preparing by running for and serving on various HOA boards. I think we need to form a new party, however - the Jeffersonian Party - which will be true to the ideals that Ron Paul has personified so well. I don't think we can do it within the corrupt GOP or DEM parties anymore.

I do think that Dr. Paul has started a Revolution - one that will change American politics for ever (and for the good).

Will run in 2010 for...

State Rep/Senate to get my feet wet and learn the ropes

Yup.However I don't know

Yup.However I don't know jack about it yet.

Not just Congress

Politics: Representative, senator, governor
Education: Teach, coach, counsel
Business: Trainer, CEO, Investor

We need to take over the whole machine.

Considered it

I've thought about that, but I'm a terrible speaker and writer, I'm reminded of Moses though.

Mississippi looks to be holding elections for both senate seats (trent lott's seat has to be filled, there's crazy law suits about when that will happen, though) in addition to the house seats. I wish I could find someone to support. The folks down here are about as corrupt as they get.

This is a fair point

There are a lot of people on here. I do corporate strategy, and I've written presentations to justify $300M projects. I can't afford the pay cut to go into gov't, but I'd always be happy to help put together talking pointsm presentations, and speeches for people.

We should do more than just put a database of candidates. We should also put up a database of people with skill who are willing to help potential candidates win seats.

Every RP candidates should have access to a database of presentations, researchers, web designers, etc that can help them in their race. It should be as easy as pulling off the RP logo and throwing on a personal logo. Each candidate would have to change the presentation to suite their needs, but the more consistent the message, the better.

Money bombs

We should also consider setting up quarterly money bombs. Have everyone donate at the same time with a goal to raise $5M a quarter.

The money can go into a central pool that gets distributed to candidates across the country. If each candidate tries to raise money individually, I worry that they won't be able to be as successful.


I'm in DeSoto County...

6000 sigs to go independent

Can't this time got some cleaning to do.
Next time I will If only to shape the debate.

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Seems That You May Be A Michigan Guy/Gal as Well??

If you are indeed living in cold and snowy Michigan I'd love to hear from you! Right now I live in Wixom after having lived in Troy for the past 4 years. Depending on where I live in MI at the time I plan on either taking on Thaddeus McCotter (in Wixom) or Joe Knollenberg (in Troy) come 2010.

I could use all the help in planning my run as I can get!

Ragnar Danneskjold