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A Sign That People Are Waking Up

I love when I read user comments on non-Daily Paul forums that show people are waking up.



NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – New York City police said a 3-year-old girl was found in school Friday with more than a dozen bags of marijuana in her backpack.


• 13 minutes ago

they must give the girl a life sentence. she's incorrigable. society needs to be protected from potential terrorists with minnie mouse backpacks. a pressure cooker could fit in the backpack therefore the crime of terrorism applies. 3 yr. olds of today are not the same as years ago. they are hardened criminals now. get her off the streets NOW............. for a safer society.

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There seems to be

There seems to be a general crackdown going on against article comment sections. There are studies that apparently prove that they are having an impact on public opinion.

More questions than answers

I think the question should be why have a Government at all -- we know it can be hijacked...why have a Constitution when we know it can be ignored. Your have "Free Will" just use it....forget documents or government we have come to realize it's useless.

That is an awesome comment.


Perhaps people are waking up. I have lost hope in the people though. History repeats itself over and over again. It seems like nothing changes. We have yet to create a government that is truly balanced. I think a group of people should look through all the history we have so far, figure out what works, and create a new constitution and try it out.

If interested

new political Party started which advocates

-modeling a Constitutional ethic of principled agency

-recognizing that the function of government is to distill conscience

-dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain

-reserving the right to withdraw from institutional abuse (inc. all taxation and mandates)