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'Who Pukes First' App For Iphone?

This app doesn't exist yet but I think it should.

Binge drinking among college students costs society billions of dollars as well as many lost lives each year.

Public Service Announcements and awareness campaigns on campuses have done little to stem the binge drinking epidemic. So how about shame?

The idea is an 'app' for iphones and other digital devices that would allow party-goers to 'bet' on which party goer will be the first to puke.

The theory is that if someone knows that someone else is betting on their bad behavior they may not engage in the behavior.

Is there a developer out there who would like to create this? Would college students spend $2 for a copy of this app and 2 more to share? Would it backfire and cause MORE binge drinking?

This is an example of the kind of thing I think about all the time.

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That business model isn't compatible with the App Store

Sadly, you cannot do deals like that, where you allow the person to gift 2 copies away, etc. App store rules are fairly rigid.

I've never understood the concept of getting drunk, I don't see what's enjoyable about it. I like being buzzed, and I do drink several nights a week...but I've only ever had a problem going over my "limit" ONCE because that's all it took. So I can't really pretend to know what will solve the problem, since I really don't get it to begin with :p

That's too bad - would've been a great way to spread it around..

make it go 'viral'.

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I agree. There's a lot of

I agree. There's a lot of promotional things that would be really nice to do, that's one of my biggest bones to pick with Apple, really need to allow more creative marketing than just one set price for exactly one app at any given time :(

There could also be side bets on other behaviors...

such as, who will be the first guy to hold a girl's hair back while she's stooped over the toilet,

which two people will pair up and disappear into the woods first,

who starts crying inconsolably first...

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