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TWI Demonstrates Hand-Held Laser Rifle ( VIDEO )

TWI Demonstrates Hand-Held Laser Rifle ( VIDEO )


To find out more please visit:http://www.twi.co.uk/news-events/case...

Use of a 5kW laser beam for hand-held cutting. This video shows how experts at TWI have adopted automated laser cutting technology for hand operation. The main potential application is in the area of decommissioning where the flexibility to choose where and how to cut the components, can lead to significant advantages when it comes to packing the residual parts efficiently for long term storage.

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though I always figured that if someone wanted to cut something with a laser, they'd want it to be very precise, and shaky human hands aren't suited for that. Guess it'd still be useful in cutting from awkward angles that conventional tools couldn't easily reach. No sharpening required either, another plus.

Also, I hate to be 'that guy', but a directed energy tool/weapon would have no need for rifling. Then again, people tend to call most all two-handed firearms rifles, so uhm...meh. /shrug

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