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Republican Takeover - New Strategy

It comes with not so great regret, my option to leave the area of politics for the moment. I took an active role with my county Republican Party. They lied, cheated and stabbed me in the back and that was at first opportunity, days into a campaign that they put me up to. The policy makers are sociopathic criminals who can't obey their own rules. We ought to take note of this and learn. The strategy was an attempt to "save the party" as Dr. Paul put it in 2012. Now we are 'let it die' kinds of people. The party of one is outdone, and the people are waking up. It takes one 'electable' leader and his time is coming to rally the last of the liberties' stand.

Government is spent and we are broke. I already refuse to give this party an ounce of my worth but to operate from within it among other liberty operatives ousting each other over the different kinds of libertarianisms there can be. It's beneath us. Let's just lead the way in other side projects for liberty. I personally would like to not be weighed down by politics, or government in both regards, likewise the people. What once was a noble pursuit has been watered down by Evil's ilk. Special interests have made life worth living and affordable, as they sell us our own fat asses, back to us. Taxed and fined proper with accordance and without prudence.

As you read this, as if it weren't apparent enough, liberty burns in each one of us. A fire worth consuming our flesh as we work our digits down to the bone for her. An escapism that enters us into life alien to our spirits, so tomorrow's generation can further explore life greater than us, for the greatest. That shouldn't be unknown to us, what is "the greatest?" As our government and economy fails all around us, I wish to encourage and invite my brothers and sisters, that if they don't know the answer to that question, to find the answer with me, and those who are so spent and need an honest vacation to come and join me in peace as the world turns on its hotest.

Shall this be an actual Economic Recovery Winter in your own homes, regardless of what pans out with the larger economy. Feel free to loosen up this grim season attempting to live off the grid as much as medically possible with us. http://tarantoresearchranch.yuku.com/ Accounts are free and would denounce an NSA probe for users.

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I find your attitude/thoughts refreshing and your aim with your website intriguing. I'd love to be a member and learn more about learning how to feed myself and become a better gardener. I just have one question...why is it important to you that people give their personal information like one's actual name attached to one's email address important upon initiation to your website? I'd love to become a member and have lots of stuff to share/learn but am suspect.

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Good point, citizen

Let's give tftxyz the benefit of the doubt though. He built the website on this platform:


I've never heard of that. But judging by its Alexa rank, it is quite popular. It is another social network.

I think this is the new trend. Facebook does it, too. In fact, they were the first to do it, really. Google wants all your info, too. Twitter, too. Your info is valuable. You give something up, and you get something free. But you don't know the value of what you've given up.

At anyrate tftxyz, that was a very beautifully written piece.

He's the man.
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Here's an article on it


Interesting. Poor company, gets thrown around like a football. It might look valuable from the outside, but no one wants to hang on to it.

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BTW, did you know that Facebook is blocked in China? They have their own, called RenRen:


Try a walkthrough registration on that! Google can translate it for you inside of Chrome.

But note that you have to register a cell phone number in China to log on. You know what they know about you if they have your cell phone number?


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Yes, it is all converging into a single, great database.

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