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Operation But Who Will _____________? #ShutDownQuestions

There are some hilarious tweets addressing the 'panic' regarding a possible government shut down.

I'm encouraging folks to head over to Huffington Post to have a little fun with it and other sites you can think of with wide distribution. The idea was started by Rep. Thomas Massie. You can see what he is retweeting here: https://twitter.com/RepThomasMassie

Here's my favorite from Ryan Paradis:

People are talking about a government shut down Monday night... but... but...

who will tap the phones? Who will read all my emails? Who will censor youtube? Who will delay airline travel? Who will start the wars? Who will debase the currency? Who will tax my income? Who will give me ridiculous traffic tickets? Who will build the roads? Who will lose my mail? Who will drive my health care costs up? Who will cause inflation? Who will jail minors? Who will ban the plants?



Who will keep my student loan interest artificially low and my tuition artificially high?
- Chad

Huffington Post link for posting after you tweet/facebook:

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