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I had a Nightmare

I had a dream last night and I found it quite interesting and thought I should share it with you. I always dream positively, but this time around it was highly dark.

My dream started off with me getting out of my bed because I heard yelling outside my room. I walk out and see my father taking all the guns out of the safe and packing them up to leave. I asked him, "what are you doing".

He said a nuclear bomb hit the west coast of America and we need to leave now. I instantly went back in my room , put the TV on while I was packing up. The news was saying that they did not know who attacked us and that meteors are heading towards earth as well.

I then ran out my room and told my father that meteors are coming to hit us too! As we were done packing, we hopped in the truck and drove over to my sisters house to get her and the kids. As we were driving, we saw people running in the streets in panic. Some people tried hopping on our truck, but we managed to hit them off. Police were driving away and not helping people.

As we got to my sisters house, we felt a massive explosion and the whole ground shook below my feet. We ran into my sisters house and told her to pack up quickly. My father told me to stand outside and be the look out. While I was standing outside my door, I started to see a fire in the woods. ( My sister lives near the woods )

Planes were flying low and lots of them. Out of no where my sisters husband comes running out telling me that China and Russia are blocking the borders of America, making sure nobody gets out. I then started to hear the sound of fire being put out. I looked back at the woods and noticed water was flowing in the woods. I ran back inside the house telling everybody that we are being flooded and that we must go now!

Our plan was to travel over to my moms second house in West Virginia. As we started driving down the high way, we started seeing cars crash, bombs being exploded, dogs running loose. I was sitting in the back of a truck with my shotgun making sure no car comes near us posing a threat. As we drove, we ended up at a check point and our military was blocking off the street. I saw a massive bus behind them. ( a lot of them were parked behind them )

The military told us that we need to get out of our vehicles and go inside the bus. I asked them "where are they headed". They told me "Fema Camp". I then told my sister to not go but she disagreed with me. I begged for her to not go with them but her, the husband and the kids went with the military instead. Me and my father turned back. The military warned us that if we do not go with them, we will die.

My dream started to fade a little. I must have forgot a big part of the dream, but the next thing I remember is me and my father living in a cabin in the woods near a well. We had no electricity and was living off deer meat. While we were eating, my father told me that America has fallen and that the military members are going to soon find us and kill us. I felt like a Jew during the Nazi times. Every time we heard people, we went down in the basement and hid. It was really weird.

Then the last thing I remember was me looking out the window up in the sky. I saw helicopters flying all over the place. I closed the blinds and then lights started to flash on the windows.

That was the last thing I remember and I woke up.

The last time I had a nightmare was when I was a child. I couldn't stop thinking about the dream all day. Maybe I am bombarding my self with too much information. Everything I been reading recently has been doom and gloom. Some times I feel like these dreams happen for a reason though. I am worried about the future of America. My dreams are telling me this.

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Did you eat boiled cabbage before you went to bed?

That ALWAYS gives me nightmares!

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Wow, man. That is a disturbing dream

And they are so vivid when they're happening. I know what you mean about vivid dreams like that.

I don't know what it means either?


Or just a regurgitation of all the fear you're bombarded with?

We get such high does of fear in this culture. They truly are unwarranted.

He's the man.

You mentioned that in your dream you planned to

travel over to your Mom's second house in West Virginia. Does that mean that you are currently in FEMA Area 3 ??
Maybe all the info alerts about possible trouble in Area 3 has crept into your subconscious and triggered the nightmare?

Or maybe you tapped into some kind of prescient forewarning?
I sure hope not.

Thanks for sharing your dream, it was quite interesting.

I am

in New Jersey.

you are not alone

There are more of us in the garden state the yearn to breath the exhilarating atmosphere of liberty

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!


I too also had a nightmare last night.

Something about bombs being dropped from the sky and that police force were escorting people out of city through FEMA buses.

Than I said to my self "there has to be another way out." We were bombed and I woke up in shock.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Now THAT scares me.If you two

Now THAT scares me.If you two BOTH had dreams about FEMA buses and bombs, I wonder how many others did..and what does it mean?? ARGH!