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Gun discovered in above ceiling panel at JFK airport

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — There were tense moments at JFK Airport on Thursday when workers found a gun in the ceiling panel of a maintenance closet.

The area that the gun was discovered in was not past the security screening area. There was no word on how the gun got there, CBS 2 reported.

The Port Authority released the following statement on Thursday:

“At 10:10 a.m. today, a contractor who was running cable through the ceiling of a management office at Terminal 1 at JFK found a case in a storage closet containing a MAC-11, a subcompact machine pistol. The office, which is locked and accessible only to a few people, is located outside the terminal’s secure area. The contractor immediately called PAPD, who responded and took possession of the weapon. PAPD are investigating whether the weapon is operable and whether it was ever used in the commission of a crime. The weapon was unloaded, there was no ammo nearby.”

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Huge bump

Thanks for posting

I saw on the MSM today that

I saw on the MSM today that Congress is considering a Bill which will make this crime impossible in the future. They are going to make ceiling panels illegal. ;-)


Impossible. Airports are gun free zones.

Could the ceiling tile possibly have Al Qaeda connections? It is amazing that gun could have stayed in the ceiling that long without killing anybody. It was apparently a "military style" weapon. Those are especially evil and dangerous. To be in close proximity to an Al Qaeda ceiling tile that whole time without causing death and destruction is an amazing feat for such a scary looking inanimate object.

tase first and ask questions later

I'm surprised they didn't tase the guy who found it, and haul him away for questioning. Did they roll up in an MRAP and deploy a robot?

That happens all the time.

someone will forget they have a gun they carried to the airport and then try to dump it before they get on their flight.