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Demand for chicken is down, so the gov't will buy 138 million lbs. of unwanted chicken products

Imagine that you've started a business producing widgets. Now imagine that there are nearly no rules regarding how you produce your widgets -- you can essentially do what you like, including passing on all types of costs, like environmental pollution, safety risks, and more to the public. And then imagine that some of your most expensive production costs get subsidized by the federal government, allowing you to sell your widgets at an artificially low price to American consumers.

Pretty sweet deal, right? You'd think that might be enough for your company, that you'd be satisfied. But if the widgets you're producing are chickens, and you're a major poultry meat producer, it's apparently not nearly enough.
The broiler industry how dump massive amounts of pollutants into our waterways. On these issues, the chicken meat industry takes a decidedly free-market, anti-government-intervention stance. Virtually any form of federal regulation is frowned upon. However, when it comes to supply and demand, the industry rushes to embrace socialism as quickly as flies to chicken manure.

The industrialization of factory farms has driven many smaller family farmers out of business. Now, consumer demand for chicken meat remains below the number of birds the industry is raising and killing. But rather than allowing the free market to adjust to basic supply and demand principles, the chicken industry last week seemed happy as a pig in -- well, you know -- over the federal government agreeing to buy 138.7 million pounds of otherwise-unwanted chicken products.

More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-shapiro/the-chicken-indus...

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