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The Diner from Hell (How Democracy Really Works!)

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The video lacks merit ...

A free market is pure consumer democracy which means that if most people order pizza the menu might look like this:

Pizza $4.00 (less cooking wait time)
Less Popular Item $8.00 (more cooking wait time)
Less Popular Item $9.00 (more cooking wait time)

Or possibly even a menu with only variations of pizza because pizza is so popular the owners chose to specialize in pizza:

Pizza with 1 topping $4.00
Pizza with 2 toppings $5.00
Pizza with 3 toppings $6.00

But that is not what the video is about. The video is about everyone getting pizza because most people ordered pizza. However no one in the video is forced to eat pizza. The dude can get up and leave at anytime.

So the video is not really about consumer democracy nor is it about statism. The video presents an unrealistic analogy. If people voluntarily choose to patron an establishment that works like the one depicted in the video ... what is wrong with that?


This video is not actually talking about running a restaurant as a democracy in the context of an otherwise free market. It is creating an ANALOGY which says running a society through a democratic government is LIKE running a restaurant like the one depicted.

Obviously if people chose to voluntarily patron a restaurant like this there would be no problem (not that anyone would). This is the point of the video. Democracy gives people the illusion of freedom, choice and voluntary interaction when in reality it is tyranny of the majority and the opposite of all those things.

In a free market you are in charge and decide how to spend your money. In a democracy you will do as you are told as the majority creates laws that regulate others behavior whether they like it or not. Your use of the term "consumer democracy" is an oxymoron. A free market is not a government. Democracy is a form of government. This is like saying a government-free government. NONSENSE.

There is no violence

depicted in the video or any indication the dude can not get up and leave at anytime.

no but...

There is violence in democracy. In a democracy, to complete the analogy in this video, the restaurant goer would only be able to eat at this restaurant and nowhere else. You dont like this government we have, too bad, you are subject to its rule, its taxes, its wars, its social schemes, etc and there is nothing you can do about it because the majority has voted.

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Ok - it wasn't that funny. But it was clever in a dry sort of way.


He's the man.

Not even believable

A restaurant that does'nt serve possum belly and collards?? Ridiculous. Must be a commie plot.

Yum. With mouseturd and cat-chup too right?

his other video is very good too.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

thanks Chris, POL, homey-land, whoever you are today. lol

good video. ummmm, thanks, but I gotta pass on the musturd.

"Democracy, the most vile form of government", Madison


John Adams "democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide".

I am a fan of democracy in certain

senses of the word, but this video was perfect. Good post.

Pretty good ...

... and the pizza is probably not served on time, overpriced, tastes like sh&t, and is served by 14 servers per table who are all on break.


it's hamburger flavour with no cheese.