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lewrockwell.com: Madonna's Rǝʌoןution - VICE Interview

"I was expected to get booed in Texas."


Charles Burris at 14:56 pm CDT on September 29, 2013

Here is an extremely candid interview with Madonna discussing her rudimentary notions of freedom, non-conformity or individuality, artistic creativity and expression, and outrage towards human suffering, oppression and repression. She describes how she is putting her legendary career as a pop icon in a secondary position to totally focus upon her efforts to launch a “revolution” to put her ideas before the world. She explicitly uses a variation of the Ron Paul Revolution logo for her “Revolution.”



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Michael Nystrom's picture

Yeah, being famous sucks

Not, of course, that I'm anywhere near as famous as Madonna.

But at least in the minds of some, I'm reduced to some kind of a one-dimensional caricature of myself.

Is starting the Daily Paul something extraordinary that you did or was it a perfectly normal thing for 'michael nystrom' to do?

I guess that remains to be seen! It was something pretty extraordinary. It might have just been a fluke. In the end, there is a certain limiting quality to it. I'd like to do something bigger & better in the future.

But if I do it on the internet, I'll be sure not to use my real name!

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Everybody just has to turn this into a Google bomb. Something like Madonna Ron Paul revolution. Or title a page here as Ron Paul secret project revolution

Remember Madonna's 'Frida Kahlo' period?

Pandas can't drive.

Michael Nystrom's picture

That was Madonna?

What - like a reincarnation thing?

Madonna could pull off a Frida Kahlo tribute.

Maybe write a play or something. A quick search shows that she owns several Kahlo paintings.

Pandas can't drive.

Michael Nystrom's picture

How about a Ron Paul tribute

I can't, at the moment, bring myself to watch that video.

Is it good?

Yes it's good. It's completely honest.

It's only an interview not a 'video' but she gets into the contrasts she saw on her last tour how people were fighting for freedom around the world and then she came back to the U.S. and it struck her how we don't appreciate what we have and fight to protect it. But she said that change is happening and it's accelerating.

Pandas can't drive.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Ok, thanks

I'll make time to watch it.

I do like Madonna. Her album Ray of Light had a pretty profound impact on me, right when I was going through my Saturn return. But that was really the high point of my relationship with Madonna.

Cool text tool...

make upside-down letters and other cool fun things...


Pandas can't drive.