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Poll: 93% Approve of Truckers to shut down America Rally

Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on slave wages; in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees. American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, and they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution. Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast to coast who wish to restore our Constitutional Republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. Truckers.

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make sure you all have enough

I have been telling folks to make sure they have their supplies in, and a full tank of gas. You never know what you will need.

This so called poll

Is way far out on the real numbers. 93%.. that's a joke there's no way. And that's a great idea lets seace distribution so people can't eat and the economy worsens.

def not a scientific poll

def not a scientific poll

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Keep On Truckin'

Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks

where is the chant end the fed?

where is it? i still hear it everyday if we,you,and them except a pay increase we accept the devaluation of the note we are told and forced to use. like the good doc said.

ProudAmericanFirst and I were just talking

about this the other day. Seems that people are fast forgetting that the Fed is enemy #1 of liberty.

Competitive currency

is the only legislation we need.

I could not agree with all of you more!

The fed, or central banking is the root cause of all of our problems. The power of money creation and then a monopoly on that, is, unbelievably massive.

Competing currencies would kill the monopoly and hence power over money.

End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed!

End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed! End the fed!

American is waking up!

The trucking culture is a fantastic example of unintended...


Through regulation and then supposed 'deregulation' (seen a weigh station on highway recently?) the government managed to help create an American subculture that sticks together, shares information, and sees first-hand what is happening to their country, through their top-floor front office with an ever-changing view.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.