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Is Obama a CFR Toadie??

Just wondering?

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Thanks for this post

Hopefully people are starting to LEARN something and spread this amongst your family, friends, neighbors, co workers, and explain to them just was this organization is.


yes he is... and a druggy

yes he is... and a druggy and homo!

This is a fairly updated

This is a fairly updated list on all the members. Huck already said his foreign adviser was Haas--he is getting in, just not a member yet.


That list looks years old.

That list looks years old.

Obama definitely CFR

Zbigniew Brzezinski is as CFR as they come. His daughter is Mika Brzezinski is a shill for MSNBC currently in the "Morning Joe" show.

It's no coincidence folks. The fix is in and Obama is definitely a part of it. A vote for Obama, Hillary, Edwards, McCain, Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee is a vote for the CFR. Only candidate not in the CFR is Ron Paul!

Originally 12 out of 15 candidates were CFR
Now it's down to 6 out of 7 candidates remaining.

Would you vote for a group that has 12 horses in a 15 horse race? If you look at it that way the CFR's chances of continuing with world domination is definitely in their favor. Vote Ron Paul he's literally our only chance left since Kucinich dropped out. :*(

in short, yes.

in short, yes.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR

Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member and founding member of the Trilateral Commission, and National Security adviser to five presidents, is Obomba's top foreign policy adviser.

WND Article re: Estulin and CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Com


Will secret clubs pick next prez?
CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission insiders usually run for, win White House, shows new book

Excerpt: In 1992, Bush was challenged by an obscure governor from Arkansas, Bill Clinton, who won the "trifecta" by being a member of the CFR, Trlateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. He was also a Rhodes scholar – another favored credential of the worldwide elite.
Our elections really have been between "CFR A" and "CFR B". No wonder it hasn't mattered who we elected.


Don't forget that he is a member of AIPAC. Do you want someone who is loyal to America or is working towards the benefit of another country. This is how much we are sending to Isreal, the 16th wealthiest nation in the world... $2.42 billion!!!! From their own website! While we have a 9 trillion dollar deficit and climbing!



Who is fighting who?

This election looks like a fight between AIPAC and George Soros. McCain, Ramney and Clinton are AIPAC's favorites while Obama is George Soros's favorite. Ron Paul is demonized for spoiling the fight.


His wife

is a member. Some people think he's a protege of Zbeigneiski. I'm not sure about his other ties to CFR, but seeing as how he's not being shut down by the media I'm guessing he's pretty important to the CFR.


the only exception left in the race other than ron paul is mike gravel. Michelle Obama is head of the Chicago chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations and Obama has been veted by the National CFR.

Is the Pope Catholic?

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

With the exception of Dr. Paul, every other Republican or Democrat left in the race is being fronted by the CFR. Then the CFR utilizes the media to delude the American people into thinking that they actually have a choice in the election.

"Vote for McCain... we must defeat Hillary"... When in fact both of them are CFR lackeys, working for the Rockefellers to see the United States eventually forced to submit to his Bilderberg controlled World Government.

couldn't have said it any

couldn't have said it any better myself! 5 stars for gene in jersey!

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CFR Stacks The Deck With Both Democrat And Republican...

CFR Stacks The Deck With Both Democrat And Republican Presidential Candidates


story features Obama

Thankyou - this was an

Thankyou - this was an excellent article

I am beginning to see what we are really up against and why they block RP so strongly.


My Dad wanted something stating..

of course.....

all you've got to do is look at his top donors and wonder why they are the exact same corporations that give to all of the other media anointed "top-tier" candidates, both democratic and republican....

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul