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Ted Cruz undecided on Rand's hemp amendment

Even Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a tea party ally of Rand Paul's, told HuffPost that he hadn't made up his mind on Paul's amendment. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), another advocate of states' rights, said simply "no" when asked if he would back the McConnell-Paul effort. Asked why not, he added, "I haven't looked at the issue."


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FYI...while Cruz was busy

FYI...while Cruz was busy giving his 21hour speech, Rand has been preparing for something big! Just wait! The nomination for the new Fed chairman is up and a Rand is reintroducing the Audit the Fed bill.

Ted Cruz - Undecided, Really?

CFR and Goldman Sachs hack. Follow the money and the wife, "Oh My"

Natural Order

They're too busy being political

to be useful

If obvious libertarian principles are unclear...

..to a politician, then it is clear that he is no friend of liberty. At best, he is a provisional ally against our greater adversaries, to be jettisoned when he is no longer of assistance.

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West of 89
a novel of another america

Totally agree

A politician who would do something like support sanctions against Iran -- something Ron Paul called an act of war -- really doesn't understand basic principles of liberty and a non-interventionist foreign policy. If their reasons are all about Iran being a threat to the region and what a key ally Israel is to us and similar neocon crap then they're especially dangerous. They might be a provisional ally on some issues, but if they'll make concessions to the neocons like that now you can't trust them in the long run.

Anyone know Ted Cruz's latest

Anyone know Ted Cruz's latest stance on hemp? Or when he last spoke about it? thanks