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Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System

CBC's "The Passionate Eye" presents The Putin System - a point-of-view documentary that presents an ominous view of what Putin is willing to do to ensure Russia regains its position on the world stage.

The Putin System chronicles the remarkable life of Putin, a tough, young leader who is not afraid to make harsh decisions and holds a secret purpose-to restore the old Russia of his dreams.

The Putin System is directed by Jean-Michel Carré in association with Jill Emery for the French production company Les Films Grain De Sable.


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This is Anti-Putin propaganda.

of course it is anti-putin propaganda

That doesn't make it all untrue or completely devoid of value. In order to get both sides of a story you have to look at the propaganda both sides puts out. You don't think Russia today is pro putin propaganda? That doesn't make it all bad but if you are looking for the dirt on Putin you don't look to Russia Today you watch them for the dirt on our leaders. The false east west paradigm is just as pernicious as the left right paradigm. It's two sides of the same coin. I find it very interesting that it is alleged Putin's FSB orchestrated a false flag terrorist attack i.e. the apartment bombings that led to the Chechen war. I watched the whole video and while admittedly it is clearly as you said anti-putin propaganda I think it was interesting and worthwhile I feel that I learned more about Putin than I knew before.