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I just went crazy and bought a domain name, help me decide what to do with it

So I just bought FreedomInOurLifetime.com (update: just got fiol.us to accompany it) because I was feeling crappy about the state of things and tired of feeling powerless. I want to do something about it.

I already made a logo and I have a general idea of what I want to do. But I would really love some input from you guys.

Logo for Freedom in our Lifetime!

So, basically, I'm going to try to attract both sides of the aisle. I'm going to post a bunch of stuff myself, and I plan on going to local events and rallies as much as I can to get good footage and interviews with people of various opinions on various issues. The plan is not just to upload raw footage, but to create semi-high production quality pieces that can inform and hopefully inspire.

The goal, of course, is to promote liberty. I think I will also open the community up for others to post in, somewhat like DP (though I don't want to steal any thunder from this freaking amazing site).

Anyway, I'm basically looking for topics that would be ideal to cover.

My first event will most likely be a pro-peace rally called HANDS OFF SYRIA which will happen on October 7th in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to go get some footage of the protesters and get their reasoning, as well as scope out if there's any opposition to see what they think, or possible police infringing on peoples' rights. I think there will be a lot of liberals there so I might bring up ObamaCare/socialism in general as well.

What should I cover after that? And any other ideas for things I could do with the website that would be useful to the liberty community?

Icon for Freedom in our Lifetime!

Thanks in advance!

Update - Just finished a mockup for the web page. Let me know what you think. (Click for bigger version)

Update 2 - New version (continued updates below, current is candidate the large one)

Freedom in our Lifetime! Web page mockup Freedom in our Lifetime! Web page mockup

Freedom in our Lifetime! Web page mockup

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I need help with my website too

Visit it at www.iaicenter.com

Update -- Website mockup

Can I get any feedback on the web mockup I just finished? You can see a full version here -- http://freedominourlifetime.com/files/mock1.jpg

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

It's okay, but

it doesn't really catch my eye, because it looks like a million other sites on the internet.

Don't get me wrong, not saying that your site should be all flashy and distracting, but the 'shades of blue' theme has been done to death, IMO. (Damn you, VBulletin and IPB!)

If I could offer a few poorly thought out suggestions, I'd say to spice up the background with some black (but not too much!), red, or even yellow-- colors that are eye-catching without being distracting. The white background against black text is comfortable to read, but maybe have thin, colored borders around the text squares, and could also be used as a way (in addition to tags) to quickly identify what 'type' of material is being posted (red border=urgent, blue border=positive news story, pink=cop story, etc.) Possibly have different (blended in) background pics for each section of the site.

I'm just sort of throwing out random ideas, and I'm not good with 2D design/art direction in general, so don't put any stock into my words. In fact, stop reading this. Now. RIGHT NOW.

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Thanks for the feedback :) I

Thanks for the feedback :)

I think the red/blue/white theme is done a lot because of the flag, but by the same token I do feel like it's appropriate and the only real way to convey a sense of patriotism with color.

That said, I definitely take your thoughts to heart as far as it not striking you. I've made a new version, and I've incorporated a bit of the theme that I had going on the social media pages... and changed the slogan accordingly.

It's not a big change, but I'm hoping it might be enough to set it "apart from the crowd" as your comment alluded to the need for :) May I have your thoughts on the new one?

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

sure thing

Logged back in to comment. "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!"

The enlarged FioL logo looks better without the thick crimson border, and it fills that awkward gap of empty space, plus the background pic in the search bar helps it stand out. I also like how the 'popular' tab now matches the navigation banner. Though personally, I liked the mock1 motto better, but mock2's works as well. Then again, catchy mottoes tend to be short. Either one is fine though.

Did you lighten up the background a shade or two? Because I notice a bit more contrast between it and the banner-- it works IMO.

The 'tags' and 'share' parts still feel a bit naked to me, but at least the tags aren't barely noticeable pieces of text at the very bottom of the article-- something that the visually challenged (such as myself) can appreciate.

I don't know what I was thinking when I mentioned red and yellow before--- unless you plan on opening up a chain of fast food restaurants. ;)

edit: typo

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Cop Watch

Sorry for the spam, this is not a suggestion for your site, but rather an idea that I have

I have been wanting to put up a site, that can display a yearly/monthly calendar in the front-page. The calendar would render a heat map based on number of negative cop stories (police over-reach, infringing on rights, cops acting like goons) and positive cop stories (oath-keeps, cops minding their own business).

It would look much like the calendar heat-map view in Mac - http://www.therealmacgenius.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/S... - but have gradients go from bright-red (bad cops) to pleasant-green (good cops).

The idea is that the homepage should simply display this heat map, so that thousands of people can just check the home-page to get a feel if cops have been good or bad in the past few days. The good and bad cop news stories can be submitted by public and can be validated again by public voting. This will give a strong visual feedback on the nature of cops in America at a given slice of time.

The site will not worry about other issues such as liberty, or the fed or obamacare since its primary and only focus would be about visualizing the nature of cops. Eventually if I can get a few thousand people use this site to hope and steer cop attitude towards a positive nature then it would be a great success.

I'm a computer programmer by profession so coding this up shouldn't be a challenge, just finding the time to do it is difficult.

Informative thread

Thanks for all the comments.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

its kinda long

I love ur style but the name is a bit long. did u check for freedomforlife or libertyforlife, maybe throw a 4 in freedom4life? can u put a 4 in, i think u can.


Ok, I just bought fiol.us

Ok, I just bought fiol.us since it was on special for only $3 for the first year haha.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Um yeah you can have a

Um yeah you can have a number, but the numbers for words can throw off the search engines and also confuse people trying to get to your site so I like to avoid them.

You're right, it is kinda long, but I think the main presence is going to be on social networks so people will click the link rather than type it. Also it doesn't compare to one of my (really) old clients -- www.crackingtheapostolicandpropheticcode.com LOL

But you're right though, to make it easier I might buy fiol.info or fiol.us and redirect it.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Another Domain

I bought a couple domains as well. One approach is like yours (that domain is FailGov.org). The other approach is something I'd like to throw out at you all. The domain is YOURE.SO (no ".com" or ".net")

The idea is to dedicate words to particular people in the world. For example: A page could be dedicated to Nancy Pelosi that is Youre.So/BatShitCrazy. A different page could be dedicated to Ron Paul like Youre.So/Heroic.

Anyway, I want to open it to anybody who wants a word of their own to dedicate to whomever they choose. Any word (or phrase) that you want is on the table.

I applaud your effort TelFiRE. Your site never has to become the next DP, or InfoWars, or anything like that. But, the more we flood the internet with sites that promote liberty, the better the odds are that we keep opening people's eyes. It has a domino effect, and will eventually turn the tides.

I actually hope it doesn't,

I actually hope it doesn't, because I couldn't afford the bandwidth costs... lol

Yeah I saw your topic about that! I was trying to think of what I could put there. I can't believed you actually snatched up that domain! Surprised it wasn't taken!

Were you thinking those would be like min-sites dedicated to a specific topic, or would each one be a whole site unto itself? One thought that popped into my head was doing like, youre.so/screwed and then having it basically be just one article about what's wrong with America, with outbound links and such for more info.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Please seriously consider this

If you do not have unmatched Webhosting yet please take a few minutes to go and check these folks out. I have been with them for 3 1/2 years. My developing guru and partner "Northstar" and myself have found them to be probably the best out there. The support, speed, up-time, capacity, drop in services and scripts, Marketing package, Etc cannot be matched by any other service. They will even pay you if someone signs up from your site. The services are just incredible for the price. Everything is "Unlimited" for 68.00 the first year and 98.00 a year from then on. Trust me when I say you get what you pay for.

If you start a site on one of the free or very cheap hosts and it does get very busy, you will wish you had started with quality hosting in the first place, especially if you plan a high bandwidth video site. For me just having the unlimited secure email server alone is worth the 98.00 a year. I hope you find the time to consider these guys, I am lucky to have run across them for my hosting!


P.S. don't let the "Green" thing influence you, they really are great! Good luck.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I appreciate the link and the

I appreciate the link and the consideration, but I gotta be honest, their VPS prices are super duper high. I currently pay $10 a month for better specs than their $40/mo plan, and if I wanted something to compare to their $60/mo plan it would be $20/mo. And they don't even have SSDs :/

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Wow really?

Solid state drives? Could you share this provider for others here?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Definitely! http://www.digita



I have used them for about a year. I can't really vouch for their business practices or whatnot, other than that they are anti-NDAA, and they have really really good prices for a VPS that so far has been rock solid to me. The catch is that they are VPS only, so you kind of have to know what you're doing with servers to use it, not like shared hosting.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Thank you! I understand now...

How they can provide so cheap. They specialize, not for the average Joe and they don't have to hold any hands. Thanks again!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Well, that's standard for a

Well, that's standard for a VPS, they are usually more expensive than shared, not less. Just most people who provide VPSs also offer shared hosting to make extra money. I expect Digital Ocean will probably do the same eventually, but they're relatively new.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I got bored and did the same thing

Check out tge website I made www.iaicenter.com

"We The People Have Awaken?"

"We The People Have Awaken?"

What language is that supposed to be? Is it supposed to be "awakened?"

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Cool! We should get together


We should get together and find others who have liberty websites and plug each other from time to time :)

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

You did what?! And its

You did what?! And its political?! Oh god, didnt you see what that did to a poor guy named Michael?

On a more serious note, be sure to include those rating scales that show our freedom compared to other countries. Its interesting to note that the US is not first in many areas.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

My first share on

My first share on Google/Facebook with FioL! is a link to an article someone posted on my wall how the U.S. is not even in the top 15 of the world's freest economies.

Post - https://www.facebook.com/freedominourlifetime
Link - http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/092013-671953-ameri...

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

You did what? Got a website?

A political website?

You fool. Oh you poor fool. You poor hapless little fool.

I'm afraid there's no helping you now.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Haha that bad, eh? I mean

Haha that bad, eh?

I mean I've run community websites a lot in the past, but admittedly not political :P

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

What my chum means is that you are a good and well-enough

being only trying to do good, and you have no idea what hell will rain upon you.

Good luck!

Pandas eat bugs.

What exactly do you need,

What exactly do you need, Chris? Just a website where you can post the photos and people can vote for one of them and you can see what got the most votes? If that's all you need I can create and host this easily

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Different Providers for Hosting vs Registar

Use different providers for registering and hosting. So you might register the domain with NetworkSolutions but host with GoDaddy , or the other way around. That will save you so many headaches.

Also use a primary email address for your registrar and hosting that is with a mega provider like Hotmail or gmail.

The above I mention for everyone thinking of doing this type thing.

Haha, I have a virtual server

Haha, I have a virtual server that I host all my websites through, with Digital Ocean. They don't do domains, I get those usually through NameCheap. Curious though, what exactly are you referring to with headaches having the same registrar as host? I have done it in the past, and honestly, it took less configuration. :p

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us