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Liberal Democrats for Rand Paul 2016

In 2008, America elected Democrat Barack Obama, partly because of his promises to end the wars, end warrentless wiretapping, protect whistleblowers, end the drone program, etc, but within his first term of office, Obama has reigned in on his promises and turned into a pro-war neocon. We are coming together, rising above our differences with Rand Paul, and working to elect him in 2016.

Rand Paul supports a repeal of the PATRIOT Act, audit of the Federal Reserve, a strong, but non-interventionalist national defense, transparency/reduction/oversight of the domestic drone program, legalization of marijuana, restoring rights to felons after serving their sentence, the repeal of DOMA, shutting down Gitmo, and ending bailouts to Wall Street. Not to mention that Rand Paul is a libertarian leaning Republican maverick, meaning that he is willing to stand up to his own party on a bunch of issues, and he's consistent, honest, and sincere. Finally, Rand Paul wants to assure that everyone in the government, Republican or Democrat, follows their own rules and follows the laws they pass.

You may not agree with Rand Paul on a bunch of stuff, but lets rise above our differences in 2016 and work together on stuff we agree on with Rand Paul.

If you a liberal, liberal-leaning independent, registered Democrat, or anywhere else on the left-wing and you are going to or willing to put your support behind Rand Paul in 2016, please like this page on Facebook.

BTW, I'm not a liberal Democrat. I'm a libertarian Republican, but I'm looking to recruit liberal/Democratic support for Rand Paul in 2016.

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I appreciate your effort

Although I appreciate your effort, I find that few liberals have awakened from their slumber. When I visited your FB page I notice several liberals there and from their comments, they are in complete denial. Your biggest problem is that many still think there are actually two different parties. They don't realize that they are so much alike and any differences at all are created to advance us to socialism. Because they equate Republicans as the bad guys, the fact that Rand is Republican will blind them. They refuse to look at individual candidates.

I used to be a

Liberal Democrat. I like the term Blue Republican tho.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

terminology matters

Might want to check the liberal websites to see what they use for "liberal". I think "progressive" is the current term in favor.

You're right. The term they

You're right. The term they use is Progressive now. I find many are angry when you call them liberals.

I like the idea. It would be

I like the idea. It would be super helpful to find an actual liberal Democrat who can help you with your message, though, because I can tell you're a libertarian Republican by the way it reads.

The Top Three "Likes".

I am not a FaceSpook user so I can only see the top 3 "likes".

Justin Amash
Ted Cruz
Dennis Kucinich


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Should look into working with the liberal Blue Republicans! Blue Republicans just recently launched state and city chapters across the country - The Blue Republicans were the biggest coalition to endorse Ron Paul's 2012 campaign (and were featured on Ron Paul's campaign website and in the wikipedia page about his 2012 campaign) before endorsing Gary Johnson after Ron Paul withdrew from the race.

http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - https://www.facebook.com/bluerepublican

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I thank the Blue Republicans for the support.

As a life long Red Libertarian, I appreciate the support of Ron Paul in the R primary and the shifting to Johnson in the general election.


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