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Military/Defense composition

I got side tracked on politifact when i came across this tidbit and thought i could use something here in another arguement that i have been having with a co-worker for over a year.


After reading the artical it left me wondering what our military will look like under President Paul. This is one of those things that I know alot of people can't let go. I need something more here than. Dr. Paul believes in a "strong national defense". I can't carry an arguement beyond this point until i can define what Dr. Pauls' "strong national defense" is.

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I have had this same talk w/ my Dad

I think this is a valid question. I think older Republicans agree w/ RP on most issues except the war. I have had my dad say to me that the only thing that makes him not pro-Paul is he is afraid RP will cut back defense spending too much. The only thing I've found was some info (I think on the campaign website) that said he would create more security posts along our borders and put more border guards at the posts to secure our homefront in that way. I think we can safely gather though from the rest of his statements that he believes in a strong military, he just doesn't think we should use it preemptively. He has said in interviews "you don't have to be against war. Just be against stupid wars."

the military under Paul

Will protect the Republic, not be an offensive force, to maintain the Empire.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.

I think he once said that he didn't agree with the

pattern of domestic base closures that have been carried out here at home in the last 20 years or so. I think he at least implied that he would like to stop that trend, which would of course shore up our defenses here at home.

He's also said he's opposed to gutting our border patrols in order to send more guys abroad. He wants to make sure that we have adequate border patrols, which is of course a vital part of our national defense.