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Criminal Interrogation: Law and Tactics by Devallis Rutledge

I recommend this book to anyone looking to get facts out of some dirtbag.


If you're a city cop and need to smack around some gangsta mfers you might instead go with this volume:


..."A balanced review of the most controversial issues in contemporary law enforcement! Alpert and Dunham offer readers a well- priced volume that studies the frameworks in which the police function and provides information on how to understand and improve policing. They also offer readers a wide variety of career options available in the field of policing."...

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LOL! Nice.

Good stuff to know, since the Po Po are an ever-increasing part of our daily lives.

(I wonder: when *will* we get to "sponsor" cops in our homes? Ya know... like actually quarter them [like having exchange students]? Weee!)

What would the Founders do?

Are you talking about that pesky 3rd amendment?

That's a pesky one, ain'it?


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