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Rand Paul on the Smiley and West Show 9/29

Rand Paul was recently on the Smiley and West show. I heard it last night on the way to evening mass. enjoy.


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Nicely done, Rand.

A living wage and the greedy capitalist.

After the capitalist accumulates wealth then what.

In a fully voluntary market the capitalist can risk some money in hopes of gathering more wealth. There is a risk that someone will better serve the customers. Greed is balanced by risk of failure.

In an artificial market one finds powerful cronies who can reduce risk by stomping out potential competitors.

An artificial market has exchanges of goods and money, but the powerful cronies use force that corrupts voluntary trade.

The First Bank of the US, the Second Bank of the US, the US National Banks and the Federal Reserve are four ways that cronies created interventions that squashed voluntary markets.

Free includes debt-free!