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Strange Happenings

The story of Ibrihim Todashev is a festering wound for the US government. While all the rest of the stories of what the gov't has been doing seem explosive in nature, and don't seem to go away, this one seems to have had a big splash at first, but then little, if any play in the media afterwards. However, what coverage there is, is enough to really bring one to question EVERYTHING we know about our government. There is so much more to this story than what is available out there, from that fact that if any private person had this account of someone's death they would have been charged with a minimum of 2nd degree murder by this point, to the connections that Todashev had with the bombers, and what role he may have played with the bombing itself, even as some sort of confidential informant for the FBI, that was just too costly for the FBI to keep around.

I found this article on him and his girlfriend. Take a read, I know it sounds bizarre, but it might help diffuse some of the anxiety of what's going on here at DP.


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Clearly they had to separate him from the girlfriend

in order to *silence* him.

RP R3VOLution