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Denniger will reduce “income footprint” to be within the “Screw You Uncle Sam” range.

I therefore choose to reduce the ability of our government to tax my income to as close to an effective zero as I can reasonably achieve in keeping with what I enjoy doing, which is putting before the people a chronology of lies, frauds and scams in the hope that others wake up.


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The joke on Mr. Denninger is that when "Atlas shrugged" he

wasn't relieving himself of the weight of the world, it was the entire world seeing the people like Denninger stand up and say, "No more!" and THEY collectively shrugged their shoulders saying, "so what?"

The world will not care or notice Mr. Denninger's absence.

Sure, he may take a few with him of like mind, but the sun will still rise, and the tyrants will still rule - precisely because he isn't there to stop them from ruling.

His is not a solution for anyone but himself.

It will not produce his "demands" in the slightest.

Not only will the Feds not miss whatever drop in the bucket he was "contributing" but they don't need his drop in the bucket at all.

Everyone could stop paying all taxes, "ilegally" or via the Denninger method, and Congress would not be derailed.

They will continue to spend.

They always have and they always will.

They don't REALLY care how much they collect and they don't let that restrict their spending habits.

Also, Mr. Denninger is fortunate. He is in a position to relatively drastically reduce his "footprint" but I'd bet dimes to dollars, that footprint will still be significantly larger than 99% of most Americans who have little if ANY room to reduce their footprint or face real poverty.

And who is going to voluntarily submit themselves to less than even 7 meals a week, or 1 bath a month, no TV, no movies, no radio, no computers or iPads, or cell phones, no 24/7 utilities, maybe even no running or potable water, or indoor plumbing so they can "not fund the criminals?"


And then many of them have kids.

More than likely, Mr. Denninger was simply near retirement and decided now was a convenient time to pontificate as if he was being brave and drawing a line in the sand.

Sorry Carl, but while your move is certainly one to golf clap over, it is quite pathetic when you look at it in light of what others already live on a daily basis, or would, if they followed your path.

You have the luxury of "avoiding taxation" but for millions of others, that means starvation and abject poverty - because useful idiots like you kept paying a tax you don't owe, you further entrenched the system enslaving millions of others - the system whereby despite court rulings to the contrary, businesess and lawyers nationwide continue to insist the so-called "income tax" applies to the wages and salaries of average citizens living and working in the several States.

You could instead, continue to have a larger foot print and use your excess to fight for real change, but instead, you choose to withdraw - condeming everyone to the morass of serfdom.

With wealth and connections come responsibility. The rest of us are in no position in any shape or case to make a dent.

You could have.

You instead, decided to be selfish, take your balls, and go home.

Since starting Market-Ticker, you've done nothing of substance to change anything. You've merely bitched, whined, moaned, and complained.

Screw you Carl Denningner, and thanks for nothing.

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I don't know about Karl's contributions since starting the

Market-Ticker, but in this article, he wasn't advocating anyone live in abject poverty or not take care of their children or not eat. He himself is going to reduce what he contributes to as little as possible as he wants to be able to sleep at night knowing he isn't helping fund things he finds immoral. I thought it was an excellent and thought-provoking article and I wouldn't doubt those ideas haven't started forming in many of our minds of late.


Enlightened disengagement

Leaderless individual revolt. The new american dream to be as little a target of the theives as possible.


Great idea!

Now if I can just get my wife onboard.

Good luck with that :)


Remember. If its cash it's not income