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8 Ways Rand Paul is Different from Ron Paul

Ever since he began running for office, Rand Paul has been publicly contrasted with his former congressman father. Below are 8 ways Rand Paul is different from Ron Paul:

1. Rand Paul is More Compromising and Pragmatic

Ron Paul often won acclaim for never voting for a tax increase or for any bill not specifically authorized by the Constitution. Rand Paul has indicated an interest in compromising on matters from immigration reform to health care. He has also made efforts to compromise within his own party by working with AIPAC and allowing some foreign aid to countries considered pro-American.

2. Statewide Elections – Rand Paul Has More Appeal Across an Entire State

In his first race, Rand Paul won the primary and general elections by 23 and 12 points, respectively, and has already won more statewide elections than his father. The only time Ron Paul ever won a popular vote was the US Virgin Islands caucus in 2012.

3. Party Politics...


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interesting read

interesting read