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How Obamacare Doubles My Insurance Rate

When I’m not busy promoting liberty via Internet rants (and now podcasts!), I have a freelance career. Being a freelancer and not tied to any single employer, I purchase my own health insurance. Now I am relatively young – in my early 30′s – and in good health. I rarely visit the doctor for anything, and only purchase health insurance for – *gasp* – actual emergencies. I pay a (relatively) lower monthly rate with a high deductible and pay out of pocket for most expenses, while insuring that if I break my leg or get cancer or something of that nature I don’t go bankrupt.

Today I got a letter from my insurance provider stating what I’ve known for some time: that my current plan was not ACA (Affordable Care Act, the legal name for “Obamacare”) compliant, and that I would have to sign up for a new plan. The new plan is nearly double the cost of my current insurance. The best part? My new, more expensive (“Affordable?”) plan actually offers less coverage than I had before, with higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Just like our airline tickets are now littered with line after line of taxes and government “fees” (more taxes!), so does my health insurance now have a user-friendly tax breakdown! Here’s a breakdown of the five additional taxes that are adding to the cost of my plan, as described by my health insurance provider:

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I wonder if you can still buy "supplemental" insurance

such as:
without having other insurance that it supplements? It sounds like it's closer to what you're looking for.

Someone at a naturopath's office mentioned this to me a couple of years ago, as something some of their patients did instead of a general (and much more expensive) policy.

My premium will actually be going down

as a result of the ACA. I'll be paying $79 a month (after subsidy) instead of $119.

My sister on the other hand who is a single mother of 3 and makes $23k a year, will see hers go up by over $100 a month.

The reason for this? She is 100% of the poverty level. Pennsylvania has decided not to accept the medicaid dollars (covering people 100% of poverty to 133% of poverty). I'd love to blame the president for this, but the truth is after the supreme court ruling that states don't have to accept the medicare provisions, Gov. Corbett declined them, meaning that she will not be covered. She is however exempt (as all people are )from having to BUY coverage, but she still needs it, so her premiums are going up. Again, more a fault of Pennsylvania not accepting federal dollars for medicaid than the actual ACA itself.

I've heard of MANY stories like this from other states, OK and TX especially.

I hate hate hate it, but the ACA (Obamacare) is law, and is found constitutional by the supreme court, so I would hope that states who declined the medicaid dollars eventually accept them for the sake of the people in the middle who are stuck.

down? not really

You were paying for yourself....now you are sucking from other taxpayers.

I am looking for coverage and

I am looking for coverage and this is what I found as well:

I am 25 and dont smoke.

Before ACA:

Premium: $65 per month.

ACA Plan: $147.26 per month.

So I cant keep my plan I like and my rates more than doubled.

Suck my balls Obama, lying piece of shit...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Nothing compared to the increase it would cost me.

I am about to turn 50. I do not carry health insurance because I do not use nor believe in the medical establishment for my "healthcare". My reasons are my reasons and are not pertinent to this discussion. Think of the hit that my wife and I face by the immoral mandate of this law.

And before any fear mongers, false Christians or fascists chime in. I have had ailments and injuries that practically anyone else in this country would have ran to the doctor, in FEAR, to have "healed" Some were short term and some were longer term. They all healed naturally. What do I risk? Consider this.

If everyone went to the doctor for any one of those ailments or injuries there will be a certain percentage that WILL be harmed by the very medical establishment from which they seek salvation. In other words going to the doctor increases your risk for further injury or sickness.

I will not be forced to buy into that system.

This is how much leadership cares

I'm in the same boat

except much older than you :( and with a family - I just discovered Christian Health Ministry --- members are EXEMPT from the PPACA tax and get reimbursed for medical costs from the contributions of other members---it is NOT insurance but works like insurance without the "complicated fascist web of government subsidies, taxes, protectionist schemes, and coerced customer base."

I just canceled my ANTHEM blue cross catastrophic insurance set to go up to $1000 per month for $12K deductible. Under CHM I will pay $150 per month with $5K deductible

Health Care Sharing Ministries

are indeed a recognized exception. It's not for everyone but I suspect that they're about to become very popular. It's too bad the rules don't allow anyone to start a new one.

Searching for "health care sharing ministries" will turn up a bunch of links to explore:


NOTE: I don't know much at all about any of these groups. Not a recommendation. But it is one of the few recognized exceptions and if it seems like it might suit you, it could be worth investigating.