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Ron is asking for help

People, Ron is asking for help. He needs an extra 5 million by feb 5. I just gave again to his cause. You can't expect him to wage a campaign without money. You saw how he was treated at the Florida debate. They wouldn't even let him answer a question during the second 30 minute segment. You can only fight this kind of treatment with money.

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I am willing to sacrifice and max out Sunday night, but I appeal to the others on this board and the Ron Paul community to also max out IF THEY CAN on Sunday night as well. Let's make it an event to give it some meaning. Perhaps on during prime time (what is it 8pm - 11pm) television hours as a "F U" to the media that has given Dr. Paul such lackluster coverage. Let's pull away from the idiot box, donate and plan for the coming week and a half.

"Give it all you got" for the good doctor!

I figure I will give my max by this weekend, my husband too. That just means we need to find more Americans to do the same.

We can do this!

Alright I am going to donate

Alright I am going to donate again this week.

How can we not donate when he asks?

Live Free Or Die
I am willing to die, are you?

Live Free Or Die
I am willing to die, are you?

check out these websites


ALL Great causes, All on February 1st. This Friday the Perfect Money Storm is coming.

I haven't lost faith

I just ran out of money. Still working 18 hours a day on the campaign!


I just MAXED OUT tonite.

This is our ONLY way to make our voice heard!

I know that canvassing and signs etc. is the other only way (well maybe it doesn't make any sense but..)

anyhow, I'm off-shore, this is ALL I've got to work with besides annoying the media with emails (although i really enjoy that!)

This is a war of attrition,

This is a war of attrition, we're already down to 5, maybe Rudy and/or Huck next--they are both low on cash. We can't let Ron Paul have the same problem. McCain is taking time off from the campaign trail to hold fundraisers. We have to keep Ron Paul well-supplied! Or we'll be the ones crying on the web--the media can't wait too.