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Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's New Day with Kate Bouldan discussing Government Shut Down - 10/1/13

Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's New Day with Kate Bouldan discussing Government Shut Down - 10/1/13


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I'm watching this right now.

I'm watching this right now. He's doing great. My ongoing question is, do the sheep watching this think "Hey, This Rand guy is pretty smart" or do they think "What a tea party idiot" The MSM normally is everything the DP isn't, Globalists, Democracy rather than a republic, Pro-printing press, pro 16th amendment, etc etc....

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He Sounds Reasonable

to anyone without a deep-seated bias.

I must say, he sounds like a President here.

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I thought the same thing


NO he doesn't sound

like a president...

a President sounds like this:


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I think

you need to categorize the sheeple:
* Depublicans: Tea Party is "dangerous" and hate govt. (extreme: they are "terrorists")
* Remocrats: (RINOs & OGERs) - see above
* People with some brain cells: Rand is smart and appeals to many (that is his chess game that many here on the DP cannot accept). But as RP said, Rand could actually win (deibold notwithstanding)

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