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Industrial Hemp Legalized in California...Yayyyyy!

At least that* gov Jerry Brown did something right for once.

After being stuck in legislative limbo for 14 years, industrial hemp will soon be a legally sanctioned agricultural crop in the state of California.

The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act (SB 566) was signed into law on Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown, after years of deliberation dating back to 1999, a process that included multiple gubernatorial vetoes. The freshly signed law will allow approved California residents to grow hemp for industrial purposes by reclassifying the once-felonious plant as a "fiber or oilseed crop."

SB 566, a bill championed since 2005 by Sen. Mark Leno (D), defines industrial hemp as the "nonpsychoactive types of the plant Cannabis saliva L. and the seed produced therefrom, having no more than 3/10 of 1 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in the dried flowering tops."

In simpler terms: It doesn't protect marijuana, but rather marijuana's less mind-bending cousin, which is far more useful as a raw industrial material.


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when can i start growing it?

I have plenty of water and land to grow it industrially. Not even sure where to start, but in the back of my mind I hoped to farm hemp someday =)

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Another step

Great to hear. Spread the message of Liberty to two people and many more in earshot today. Any chance we get this good news has got to be spread.

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It will just be really strange looking at bales of hemp

someday with little Dole stickers and Green Giant labels on them.

Don't forget,

Monsanto's part, of mutating of the seed strains
as far away from nature as possible.


Hemp For Victory!



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There is no duration defined in the Oath

Alright! It's about time!!! Next up, the entire USA!!!

And then onto all-out legalization of cannabis...

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I'm amazed!

This is great news, and I hope it starts a trend, but I still couldn't help myself, HAHAHAHA! Every time I see or hear his name I think of this. Enjoy!

Dead Kennedys-California Über Alles



I haven't heard that song in many years. Never really understood all the lyrics until now. I'm off to YouTube for some more Dead Kennedys. Thanks. :)

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Never having seen any of the demon weed myself...

I wonder how much the plants resemble each other. How easy would it be to disguise marijuana production by mixing it in with hemp? I'm not trying to give any of the the Daily Paul denizens any ideas, and I'm sure none of you have inhaled, but just curious...

My friends father works for

My friends father works for the DEA. He flies around in a helicopter looking for marijuana plants. Apparently they're very easy to spot. Not only are they shaped unlike any other plants when looked at from above (like a star) they are glistening in the sunlight because of all the crystals formed from the THC. He said they literally jump out at you because no other plant reflects light like this. Hemp doesn't produce these crystals, so no, you can't hide marijuana in a hemp field.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

I know

that you cant grow hemp and marijuana side by side because the dominant hemp seeds will kill off the marijuana plants.

Actually, the way the two

Actually, the way the two plants are grown is entirely different. To maximize hemp yield, the plants are grown closely together. With the other kind, the plants are spaced out like a couple feet to make sure they have room to grow outwards and the flowers.

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exactly true. industrial

exactly true. industrial hemp is grown closer together than corn stalks, as you want to maximize the stem (plants grow taller faster to compete for sunlight) vs growth for "herb" which you would want wider plants, to promote more branching and thus more of a yield for flowering.

you could in theory grow a plant in wiht the hemp, but you wouldn't get much...so the land used wouldn't really be worth it.

My first response to this: Holy crap!

They are going to start reaping loads of cash once hemp farming really starts up there. I might just consider this a turning point.

Hemp has many uses(I dont think anyone really knows the exact amount) so they will be able to sell the various components to many different companies to make stuff. Its cheaper to make paper from etc.
Once people see the loads of cash that Ca starts bringing in because of this, they are all going to want a piece of it. There will be no stopping hemp a second time around...

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

It makes much better paper than dead trees, too.

It makes much better paper than dead trees, too, and the yield of hemp is substantially greater.

Many of the colonial documents were on hemp paper. Back in the '60s even archivists and historians would just handle them like ordinary notes - wave them around in front of classes (while describing the quality of the hemp paper) and the like.

Wood-based paper is often made with an acid process, that causes it to self-destruct over a few years. Even low acid paper, though, isn't in the same ballpark as hemp.

= = = =
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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Lol, now if we can just figure out how to...

make the THC remain in the leaves and stems instead of in the "Dried flower tops!",lol.

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The more people see things made from hemp ...

... the more they will be open to legal marijuana.

Lets not forget

Hemp is not a drug like Marijuana so you cannot get high off of it.

They look the same but they are just distant cousins. However, both can be used for a zillion products. This is life changing!!!

well technically you can.

well technically you can. but you would need a crap load of it, process it, condense it into hash, and even then it would be low potency.

hemp is typically 1-2% thc where as most "weed" is 5-10% (with some strains reaching much much higher).

but it is theoretically (though not financially) possible.

money spent to do this large scale would make the inferior product highly expensive.

Hemp is essentially 1/3 as strong as typical "shake weed or schwag" was back in the 60's.

this is good. Now if they can just get rid of all those statists

their economy needs all the help it can get.

Although you know Cali is going to over tax it to pay for all their statism.

And we'll probably see legislation that will promote the monopolization of it. I am concerned if small farmers can grow it or not.

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The worm is starting to turn.

He's the man.

Well if it is legal to grow,

Well if it is legal to grow, how many idiots will be reporting it to the police?

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would it be legal to grow in a backyard

now that it's a legal industrial crop?

Not Sure about that...

Its legal to grow 3 marijuana plants in your home in CA if you have a medical marijuana license but I'm not sure about hemp at this point.

Unless it has changed

Unless it has changed recently and I'm not aware of it, you can have 12 immature plants or 6 flowering plants(but that can vary by county). As far as hemp goes, I believe you will need a license to grow it that would probably be cost prohibitive for small scale farming.

The number varries by county.

In my county, San Diego, you are allowed up to 24 plants.

This is very good news,

This is very good news, however the government is still stupid -

The freshly signed law will allow approved California residents to grow hemp for industrial purposes by reclassifying the once-felonious plant as a "fiber or oilseed crop."

So please check if you fall under the approved California residents list. The Government will get its cut by the way of permit fees :(