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Flashback: 13 Reasons Why The Revolution Might Start with Obamacare

Has any of the Supreme Court Justices read the Constitution lately? I can say five of the justices will have to be held accountable for how they ruled. There is no reason why Obama care should be ruled Constitutional. Many Americans read the Constitution and know with no doubt what is said in simple terms. The Constitution was meant to be understood by the common person. It is not complicated to understand. It does not take a Harvard Law Degree to understand with clarity what the Constitution says about Obamacare. Only lawyers can screw it up with their own twisted thinking and word manipulation to stretch the meaning beyond the intent..Does anyone think the American people will let the US Supreme Court be the final word on a flawed ruling? Let the public backlash begin, the American people by an overwhelming majority will rule Obamacare unconstitutional by non compliance in mass.

I will tell you why Obamacare is unconstitutional, I do not have a law degree, I did not attend collage. I am just a high school graduate. Even a 5 year old child being home schooled can say why the Affordable Heath care act is unconstitutional. Here is why it is unconstitutional applying my knowledge of history, reading the Constitution:

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I don't think people are going to react over ACA because it's unconstitutional (after all, many unconstitutional laws have been passed with nary a peep from the public for decades), but because it affects them personally.

Was talking about this with a neighbor yesterday, and he gave me the same line he always does; "as long as I get my check".

I cannot stand that mentality, but I understand it; people are naturally going to be self-interested. My only worry is what that self-interest will manifest itself as as the quality/cost of living day to day ratio continues to fall/rise.

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I have linked this a few times

but for those who missed it, it is really worth going through these points, all hidden in 2000 odd pages of Communist Manifesto called Obama Care.
This isn't about your health, it is about a massive take over by Big Phama, the intrusion of "government" in your health needs, and most likely the most aggressive move yet to bring about the UN's Depopulation agenda.
The first link is 50 unknown, unquoted paragraphs, and the 2nd link to the UNs depopulation plan.

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Very good read.

I can only hope the public backlash will indeed ensue.

Undo what Wilson did

I hired a new person at my work today.

And she started asking questions about the healthcare insurance and I was like. Well, you can talk to our HR about that. I am not about to get into that conversation with her as she made a statement that she understood Obamacare was messing everything up.

Thanks for the link. You

Thanks for the link. You reminded me on a couple of reasons. I think most obvious to me was the individual mandate to buy health insurance, which was amended to be a tax. I would like these violations explained in more detail since even though I am a common man I do not yet fully understand.

Here's the fly in the soup:

Simply, the judiciary branch of the federal government CANNOT change the language of the law in order to find the law constitutional. This is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of any law AS IT IS WRITTEN by the legislative branch. The legislative branch is the only branch that can change the language of the law. In the case of Obamacare, the law should have been ruled unconstitutional, and returned to the legislative branch. Changing the language of the law from a penalty to a tax would have to originate in the House of Representatives.

People who claim the tax is unconstitutional are correct. Obamacare was passed as a penalty by the Senate, taxing authority originates in the House. The House never passed Obamacare as a tax, the Supreme Court declared it a tax (reminds me of the three card Monte, just keep the people confused).

Obamacare is taxation without representation (remember King George). Congress knows this, as does the Supreme Court. For anyone to believe Obamacare is about healthcare, take account of the above and decide if there aren't other agendas in play that will eventually be rolled out in 2700 pages.

Yet, we should heed the words of Judge Andrew Napolitano: "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

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It wasn't "amended to be a tax".

Congress specifically passed it NOT as a tax, but it was the Supreme Court which declared it a tax.
This is a fundamental, and in my view, key constitutional violation of the ACA. It is way dangerous to have the court dictating law, for which they have no power. The court should have remanded the statute back to the legislature to be passed as a tax, or in some other way altered for constitutionality. As it stands, we are left with taxation without representation, and congress should impeach Roberts.

Undo what Wilson did

Read this:


and this:


Obamacare will fail eventually but hopefully not before the masses realize that they should cancel their insurance and destroy the healthcare insurance market so we can all go back to taking care of our own "health" and paying doctors and hospitals directly when we need them :)

Have you forgotten

that this Insurance tax bill will not fail and that it's the start of communism? Wait until they require everyone to have a 'chip' implanted under the skin of their hand which will have all of their information including bank account. This Bill is evil and people need to yell louder. Say goodbye to all of your freedoms if you don't support those in congress who are trying to put a stop to it. It's evil. Anyone who ever went to counseling for any reason will be deemed crazy, rounded up in the middle of the night and killed or locked up forever. Next up: take the guns, control the food supply, and make you more poor than you ever dreamed of. If you do not go along with what they want you will be in big trouble. This is way more than a train wreck. This is pure evil.

Keepin' it real.

Yes - let the free market

Yes - let the free market work. As RP said what did we do only 50 years ago without insurance? We had doctors who cared about the health of the individual and the market adjusted to what could be paid.

This is going to be such a

This is going to be such a flash point becuase it actually affects the American people. The NSA Scandal, Syria etc are all conceptual for most Americans and dont affect their day to day lives. Now millions of Americans are going to go to the online exchanges and realize that they just got screwed...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Perhaps this is why the push to legalize

some drugs, to clear out the jails to make room for the "non-compliants".

this is true..

Thanks, wil2bfree, Aimee Allen

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