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What are the factions at the Daily Paul? Can you name them?

Some of the difficulty with getting a consensus on a site such as this one lies in the major differences between the various factions that call the DP their home.

Can you name them?

For instance:

Some believe the only way toward peace is to brutally dominate. Others believe having understanding and respect for what belongs to someone else fosters peace.

Some think what they've been told to believe in the name of religion is the highest authority. "God told me to kill the enemies of my leaders without question." Others recognize this has been exploited throughout history for reasons of plunder and conquest.

Some believe in a god that hovers exclusively over one country. Others believe infinity cannot be contained.

Some believe unquestionably what they see on TV. Others question everything, no matter the source.

Some are willing to send their children to die in wars to spread "democracy" while others recognize we were warned by our founding fathers of the dangers to a republic from democracy, or "tyranny of the majority."

Some lack the strength to consider they may have been duped by powerful people they trust, because this possibility is just too painful to consider. Others have more of a stomach for it and want the truth no matter how many sacred idols must be thrown in the fire.

Some believe a certain Country That Cannot Be Named is the only place on earth that God Has Chosen, and the rest of the world is damned to eternal hellfire. Others suspect a hidden motive to this "religious" meme.

Some feel the Daily Paul cannot be corrupted or neutralized, while others are more savvy to the games of destroying a particular freedom community through colored revolution tactics.

Some believe personal property rights and the keeping of the fruits of one's own labor is a fallacy, to be surrendered to the state on demand. Others see this as theft by force.

Some believe the way to safety is to surrender all liberty to a protecting state. Others recognize this as the world's oldest struggle against economic slavery.

Some in the DP like to lay blame on one party (Obama, the Fed, Zionists, neocons, bankers, Satan) while others hold all psychopaths and sociopaths equally responsible.

Democratic party = Use force to redistribute the wealth of others.
Republican party = Make war to keep the economy going.
Libertarian party = Pressure valve to harmlessly bleed off America's discontent.
Anarchists = Remove all obstacles to warlords and armed gangs taking over.

Problem is, we've got all these groups under the same tent sometimes. You see many of these present at the DP. Originally, the glue that held all this together was support of Ron Paul as a candidate. That's long gone, and his name is no longer featured on the masthead. Because we no longer have a steady, common touchstone, we drift apart, to be left to attacking each other according to the above differences.

Without a common war cry, I wonder where this is going.

Did I miss any DP factions that deserve recognition?

Please remember to speak with respect while discussing our differences.

While we're at it, let's have fun to see what this diverse group might actually agree on. What would you say on the DP if you just wanted upvotes?

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I'm just now reading about this stuff on Wikipedia

and it kind of makes my brain explode.

Thanks, surfmatt.

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“The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and will to carry on.”
-- Walter Lippmann


Haha, enjoy the hunt, my friend. I did so thoroughly!

Actually this is pretty simple

Just take the total of the member list and you will have the total of different factions on the DP. Every individual here is a faction.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Ain't that the truth.


Good observation on the glue.

Quote: "Originally, the glue that held all this together was support of Ron Paul as a candidate. That's long gone, and his name is no longer featured on the masthead. Because we no longer have a steady, common touchstone, we drift apart, to be left to attacking each other according to the above differences. "

The Constitution used to be the glue that held America together, but since it's in remnant status as Ron Paul points out, because as a nation we really aren't using it anymore, we are no longer a "united" States of America.

I think having lots of differing views here is a good thing. We can learn from each other, and also hone our skills here, to be more effective out there as well. I have seen the DP WARS over the years: Zeitgeist vs. Christians, Occupy vs. those who rightly saw socialist/collectivists influences within them, Anti-Rand vs. Pro-Rand, Gary Johnson vs. Write-In-Ron, and many other spirited debates that we have had over the last 6+ years. I'm not particularly interested in reaching consensus though, but if there was one I would get behind, it would be to put Ron Paul's picture back up.

I think you brought up a fascinating observation about the glue that has held us together, and where we have gone since then. Thanks.

EDIT: I think the below poster makes a valid point though. Dividing us all into groups, and then having an expectation that we reach some consensus on these divisions, is not something that will be popular here. "Organizing libertarians is like herding cats." - Michael Badnarik

I'll name one. Those who seek to divide us, and I will include

the originator of this thread in that group.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.