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Obamacare: The Golden Ticket to Stop Big Government

Here's an interesting thought. In the ACA bill, there is a fine for not buying health insurance.

BUT ... there is no criminal penalty at all. The only thing (for now) that the IRS can do is sue in civil court to "recover" the fee.

The amounts are small (for now), minimum $95, so this is a GREAT opportunity to jam up the courts by counter-suing and basically demanding the IRS prove evidence of a complaining party, etc.

This whole thing is such a clusterf&ck, the Republicans should have just let the thing be implemented in full ... and watch the Democrat party self-destruct as people awakened. But the GOP seems to be hell-bent on bailing out the Dems by lightening the burden.

Screw that. Let's let the "law" be implemented and watch it burn in flames -- perfect time to awaken the sheep, and screw with the gov't at the same time by filing counter lawsuits.

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With employer provided and paid medical and dental...

if we have to now claim these benefits as taxable income, they surely have rewritten the entire tax code...the earned income credit will surely have to be adjusted to compensate for having to claim an additional $8k annually as income and not a benefit provided by your employer.

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Why take a passive defense to slavery

This is after-all "class slavery".

If we buy into the excuses that there's no enforceable penalty...
Were slipping a loose fitting rope around or necks, that they will tighten up in coming years.

Make no mistake about it.

They've taken miles one inch at a time.. that is their strategy.

incremental tyranny.


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They won't sue, they will

They won't sue, they will just take it out of your refund/garnish your wages. With penalties. So go for it if you want to pay more.

If you make less than 133% of the poverty level, you are exempt from it. If you make more than this, chances are you have insurance from your employer, so I'm guessing this would affect very few people as most people with insurance are young, but do not make more than 133% of the poverty level.


observation! On the negative side, I now have the "I've Got a Golden Ticket" song from the 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' movie going through my head, over and over... LOL

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" .. let the "law" be implimented and watch it burn in flames"

This is what I've been saying:


Let it all pass.

This is going to hit people where they live, bad.

Then, they will understand.

And the GOP will be proven right.

What's so hard to understand about that?


it already passed, not sure

it already passed, not sure if you got the memo.

just out of curiosity, do you current have health insurance through your employer?

Only problem is the law works

Only problem is the law works out great for the takers in this country. And there are sure a lot of them.