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"Freedom is as New as Talking To Yourself" A Christian Proclamation on that voice in your head called you.


      If you called that voice in your head your self in Rome 2000 years ago you would be committing a crime against your nation.

      A Priest Class at the time made their claim to Democracy by using "secular politics" as a cover to interpret the word of God in your head as their own, sound familiar?

      Roman Ceaser Nero tried to turn the tide of Christianity from informing Liberti/Citizens that the inner voice was their inner self by mass execution of selfhoods, leaving sons of Liberti entrenched with division until the God of God could re-mediate the Republic into a Public again.

      It is the 21st century libertarian that drops his fruits of knowledge on the foundation of psychology Christians inherited from Siberian Shamanic Revelation of the Trinity to the Christian Reformation to the American Articles of Confederation.

      The reformation by non-conformist Christians against Anglicans and Catholics in Europe is what started the American revolution; unfortunately the stinch of old world material bonds embodies our emotions subjecting our sons of cives turned liberti to a 21st century living for the self, but dying by 1st century ideas and actions.

      The libertarian revolution in America today is merely another fractal extended from the Age old father-son crises in which the son is afflicted by the very authority he holds up to himself.

      The definition of the libertarians both inner and outer worlds will be his own words soft or sharp or it will be delegated to mediation by the state of mind Sons of the past used to spite himself.

      Lets bring sharp words to the table boys and girls; we are all equally capable of seeing our self in the midst of dissolving tongue, it is and has been our destiny since the dawn of our Faith.


      See truth in the Trinity.

      Walk the words of Jesus.

      Hold faith in your brothers and sisters.

      Love Humility to see the truth of the future and lies of the past with clarity.

      Love Spirit to see the truth of the mind and lies of the body with purpose.

      Live on Liberti

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